Grown-up fights teething problems

Pakistan’s Favorite Cellular Service’ is once again reportedly having problems in its service for the past few days in Karachi (at least). Reaching a subscriber on the service from a landline is not possible. On-net calls (within same network) calls are as unpredictable as the weather of Karachi. Here is what is interesting about these ‘growing pains’ as the company would most probably call such problems:

  • The service has already reached a subscription level that has earned it the label of SMP – Significant Market Power
  • The service generates an awesome amount of revenue that is purely based on its internal network
  • The network has grown up significantly enough to bear a fault-tolerant and re-routable traffic handling features
  • The network (in terms of its size) is probably the closest approximation of an ideal network that a cellular operator could wish

Despite the cool milestones mentioned above (cool from the view point of any cellular operator operating in a dynamic growing market like Pakistan), it is really strange to find a reason for blanket outages that are currently being faced by the service users. Is it the core part? Is it the access part? May be the appetite for more users and under-dimensioning?

What disappoints an average user is the thought that if the most powerful, most resourceful and revenue-rich service like this could only offer an irksome service, what could be expected of the smaller guys. And oh yes, the magic-sim issue never got a clarification!


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