Warid Expands with Ericsson

Warid has announced that it is expanding its GSM network with the help of gear from Ericsson.

Ericsson has signed a US$274 million contract with Pakistan’s Warid Telecom that will see Ericsson undertake a major evolution and expansion of Warid’s GSM network, including its Mobile Softswitch solution, radio, transmission and packet core network equipment, as well as multimedia services.

Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide capacity for an additional 10 million subscribers through its mobile softswitch solution and the expansion of the radio access network in existing and new cities.

Warid and Wateen are two of the several company that the Abu Dhabi Group has opened up in the fast emerging telecom market of Pakistan. Wateen is the Transmission and Data Communication wing of the group while Warid was focused on cellular (GSM) operations. However, hallway-talks are pointing towards a brand merger of Warid and Wateen as the group is realizing the importance of branding as well as the fact that in the era of fast convergence, a single entity might serve the purpose best.

Wateen has already signed a contract with Motorola for the biggest wireless data network in Pakistan. Mobilink, the largest GSM operator in Pakistan with the SMP status, is also rumoured to be preparing for leap-frogging 3G and betting on Wimax deployment. The Wimax trials preparations are reported to have the roots in the Intel Capital‘s funding to Orascom Telecom, the parent company of Mobilink.


6 Responses to “Warid Expands with Ericsson”

  1. Hastaq Says:

    I am using Warid from last 6 months. The worst telecom company it is. There system can not update my phone billing. I have to call 10 minutes to tell them i paid my bill. Such a crap. Its all word warid is catching market.
    But sorry Warid you need better management to get it successfull.

  2. Shakeel Says:

    somehow i agree to your points partially –

    Warid’s billing is worse i have ever seen along with NO STANDARD value added services – They realy need to look into those

  3. Aslam Bhai Says:

    Someone gives you free credit and you must complain !!! Enjoy till it last !!!

  4. Ali Shahid Says:

    i tend to diagree with these comments. when compared to other operators in the market who have been there much longer. Warid post-paid billing service is the best.!!

  5. Shahzad Haq Says:

    It is not true, I am using Warid number since day one, never put me on hold more than the normal, they are helpfull when I call them, fast response answers and well experienced staff.

  6. Omer Says:

    Waird PK Billing System appreas to me to be one of the most advanced ones in the market: I always receive very accurate and on time bills, all my inquiries to call centre are answered by professionals and well trained staff, and overall quality of service is very good. Glad to be a Warid customer.

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