Payphone Annual License Fee Reduced

PTA will now charge only 0.1 percent Annual license Fee from Card Pay Phone Operators on their gross revenue with effect from 1st July 2006 instead of 1.5 percent. (Read the rest of the announcement here)

Payphone market in Pakistan is still thriving despite the high number of GSM phone penetration in the masses. The semi-urban and the rural areas of Pakistan are the juicy spots for the Payphone operators. The wireless local loop operators (chiefly Telecard and V-PTCL) are active in the payphone segment and are benefitting from their wireless technologies reaching the under-served semi-urban markets.

However, with the current price-war driving the cost of telecommunication down fast, the PCO (Public Call Office – as it is popularly known in this part of the world) will come to a flat and will eventually decline.


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