Telenor Pakistan Preparing for ‘Air Stunt’

Telenor Pakistan is reportedly for an ‘air stunt’ – making its services available onboard airplanes in the skies of Pakistan. Telenor is one of the owners of Aeromobile, a firm leading the research and deployment of GSM technology in aeroplanes. According to The Peninsula On-line of Qatar:

Telenor Pakistan is facilitating high level discussions to enable management at Aeromobile, owner of the GSM on Air technology, to establish the system in Pakistan, said Norwegian company’s Executive Vice President, Irfan Wahab Khan.

Readers might be reminded that Voice and (wifi) Internet access in the air abroad aeroplanes has not been deployed widely not because of difficulties in implementing the technology but because of regulatory and governance issues relating to the use of spectrum in the air when the planes cross geographic borders. If the reported deals gets through, according to the paper, “Pakistan may soon become one of the few Asian nations where cellular connectivity would even be available at a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet onboard a passenger jet.”

The report also indicates that players – after engaging themselves in a bloody price war – in the exploding cellular market of Pakistan are desperately looking for differentiating features in their services.


5 Responses to “Telenor Pakistan Preparing for ‘Air Stunt’”

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