Daily Times on Wateen

Pakistan’s Daily Times agains come up with a FUD aimed right at Wateen. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts on this topic, news-analysis is one thing, direct personal on-slaught is another. From the article published today, September 19, 2006 (read full text here – registration required to read Daily Times [smarties can use bugmenot {firefox ext here} to bypass such absurd restrictions on news portals])

From the article:

Experts say that the management of Wateen is ominously reminiscent of the collapsed BCCI. “Huge salaries, perks and freewheeling executives are the common link,” claimed an insecure insider. Chief Executive Officer Tariq Malik claims to be a UK qualified Chartered Accountant but an examination of the list of members of the institute does not carry his name. The industry has been told that he is “a director on the main board of British Telecom” but this is not true because he was only an analyst on a Malaysian Telecom transaction by BT. Further enquiries reveal that he left the UK in a hurry without much explanation, giving rise to rumours that he might have been involved in some improper financial dealings. His last employer in Pakistan has alleged that when he left “he stole highly valued technical information including a request for a proposal issued by Warid Telecom in which the entire inside of the proposal inadvertently still carried our name!”

This is getting too direct even for news commentary I would say.


16 Responses to “Daily Times on Wateen”

  1. Shakeel Says:

    I belive tariq’s background is from Worldcall somehow and Daily Times is a newspaper of Worldcall Group 🙂

  2. Amir Rao Says:

    Daily Times is owned by Salman Taseer. To know Salamn Taseer you need to know his history.

    Salman Taseer went for the MNA elections in the 90s on PPP ticket. His flagship company First Capital in 90s lost control over its operations, the stock dealers ran up massive trading exposure for clients on the stock market. The stock market collapsed and the clients lost money or were wipped out.

    Since then with the financial assistance of his “Aarab Investor” worldcall was setup. Selling wireless local loop services and cable television on his fiber optic cable moslty in Lahore the company has not gone anywhere. So the threat of Tariq Malik company products and services scares him massively. Recently a foreign private equity firm invested US$ 25 million in Worldcall. What are the terms of performance no one knows but it may be possible that due to non performance Worldcall may be taken over by them leaving Salman Taseer with nothing.

    So survival of worldcall justifies the current tactics. Malign the competition and its CEO so much that they either leave the field or enter into compromise. This is what politicians do best and remember that he is an old PPP politician.

  3. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Based on What I hear about Worldcall service from my family and friends, its no good. But as long as money keeps rolling in they are going to be around.

  4. M. Yusuf Says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Al-Wateen’s arrival here in Lahore. Worldcall doesn’t even stand a chance of competing against the newcomer with its sub-standard quality of cable t.v. and internet services.

    Viewers of their movie channels have to put up with ads that cover 1/4th of the screen and 2 minutes of worldcall spam. Not only this, the quality of (analog) transmission is abominable and looks and sounds terrible on a good set. Their internet service is horrible, too. It barely works more than 10 hours a day and ‘trips’. A call to their Customer service department only results in the resetting of modem and assurances that the problem will be fixed by morning. Even the fault in their line is corrected, it magically resuscitates within hours of ‘correction’.
    In short, Worldcall is nothing more than a white elephant enjoying a monopoly, offering sub-standard services and littering our screens with spam.

    /rant over

    ps. Before someone tells me to switch to some other provider, i’d like to inform you that there are none in my area of residence (DHA, LHR)

  5. Dr Khalid Says:

    The news on Wateen is that they are deploying a state of the art fiber optic cable in Pakistan with multi terra bit capacity. As an engineer and through my contacts i know that their technology vendor has the most advanced fiber optics transmission product in the world. They can pass in a single pair of fiber, 160 streams of light/data simultaneously giving something like 1.6 terabytes of data throughput per second. Their cable has 24 or 48 pairs of fiber in it. This gives them so much capacity that if the entire current data transmission load of Pakistan India and China put together can pass through it and they will still surplus capacity to sell.

    So the questions is what they are going to use it for. Answer is simply:

    Voice ……….. GSM/WLL
    Data ………… Can be used by corporations and individuals
    Video ……….. 4G through Wimax is around the corner already
    Multimedia …. Television channels

    Wimax worldwide is gaining momentum. It is 4G technology which is still in its infancy but guess what who is supporting it – Intel and Motorola. Motorola is betting its future on Wimax, and they are not fools. If someone says that Wimax is not certified please ….. The Wimax Forum is Motorola and Intel. How can they deliver and commit to providing certified equipment to Wateen if they are not sure of what they are doing. Can you imagine the law suits they can attract if they are not serious and simply shooting off their hip.

    Wimax will be so advanced in two to three years time that:

    1. You can talk to people and see them live on your mobile handset. Simply due to Wimax most of the 3G operators in Europe have already written off the cost of the licenses to zero. We will be able to make video conference calls such that the picture will be crystal clear and not broken and dotty as it is currently is in 3G networks in Europe.

    2. You can watch television channels on your PDA and so much more.

    3. You can browse internet at dizzying speeds of up to 7 or 8 MB per second. If you are the directly connected to a fiber backbone through fiber itself to your home you can browse internet at optical speeds i.e. 100 MB/sec. (Download a full length movie from internet in 6 ½ minutes. This kind of service is currently only available in South Korea.

    Today there might not be a requirement for establishing so much bandwidth but will the next two or three years will be the same as what they were two years before. Think about it. Time does not favor the weaker but only those they take risk and invest for long term. Pakistan has to bridge a huge divide for education and information. We should all support those that bring technology, expertise and help make Pakistan a stronger nation.

    Worldcall can bitch as much as it wants but Wateen is smart. They have kept a low profile and moving on doing their job. With Warid Telecom at their back their Wimax and GSM network combined will uproot all the Telenors and the Maybelinksand and the Ufone. Just wait for the revolution to happen by the end of next year. 

    I am all for Warid and Wateen ……….. I have thrown away my maybelink chip long ago. Why? I am a true nationalist and shall remain so …………!!!

  6. Certainly Not Journalism! « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

    […] Daily Times is back with a rejoinder (registration required to read Daily Times [smarties can use bugmenot {firefox ext here} to bypass such absurd restrictions on news portals) on Wateen and its CEO. The battle that we discussed earlier here and here is getting uglier and uglier. While its fun reading such stuff in a lunch-less Ramadan day, it is technology journalism that is getting hurt.  That press and media always have influential groups behind them who ’tilt’ the stuff the way that suits their ends is a known fact. However, there is a big difference between being suggestive and crude pin-pointing. […]

  7. AD Says:

    I only wish what Dr. sb here has said to become true in the near future. Even though there is no harm in thinking abt the future, one must realize that there are a certain factors attached in getting to that future. These factors are based on what is going on in the present.
    Anyways, i think this is a long discussion. Just wanted to point out some key facts.
    Firstly, 7 or 8 MB/sec as qouted by Dr. sb is actually 7 or 8 Mbps and both are certainly different. I’ll leave it on you to figure that out.
    Secondly, downloading a full length movie in 6 or 7 or even 10 mins (in Pak) wont be possible even though if u have a 100 Mbps link or even 100 MB/sec. Why – because content downloaing and P2P downloading does not depend on the internet pipe coming to ur home only ! It also depends on the source’s firing speed. I had a 8 Mbps internet pipe back when I was in UK but i still couldnt have that kind of joy.
    Yes, Korea does have that kind of service. How – because they have centralised most of the content within their own country. As told to me, users in S.Korea are currently being offered 30 Mbps pipes in just $30 and they really enjoy it just because 80% of their traffic is generated & terminated internally, contrary to us where 80% of our traffic (read content) comes from the outside world. Also, all their Broadband service providers are interconnected directly instead of hitting their Internet Exchange first even if their destination is in neighborhood. This is what happens here in Pak !
    So, Dr. sb, ask Warid/Wateen or the big players to roll out some strategy for this.
    Last but not the least, i still appreciate what Warid/Wateen are doing or plan to do. Atleast someone is !

  8. Faheem Says:

    any launch date? we’ve been hearing about this for over a year now?

  9. Faizan Sarwar Says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the wireless telephony service of Wateen Telecom.Warid Telecom has laid down the longest fiber optic cable
    network.Soon the wireless service be inaugurated in 17 cities of Pakistan.
    WARID LOCAL LOOP will surely throw out the pakistani local service provider especially the WORLD CALL WIRELESS.
    WORLD CALL WIRELESS has poor infrastructure and failed to provide the Quality Services.

  10. Moosa Says:

    I am not agree with the comment of Faizan Sarwar.
    Its no doubt that the Wateen group investing a huge amount in the country and we respect them, but the comments given by him is not accurate. Faizan means that probably world call goes down …. No Dear its not …. Remember PTCL when they alone they did what ever they wants, but when the competition comes they maintain there network and change in tariff plan.
    You will see same thing near future as well with the GSM / WLL / LDI operators.

  11. Abdul Moeed Qureshi Says:

    hi every 1,

    as we people know, all the soft data in market concerning upcoming Wateen’s wireless service are just rumours. So my advice to friends and anyone reading this message, Please wait and watch, it will surely be in the profit of our nation and IT sector.


  12. Sidra Mir Says:


    Sir/Madam…i am here to look for people who are either currently using wateen’s products/services or have had some or the other experience with it…if u r one of the users(or had been one previously), then plz kindly reply on the id ” sid_aloo@yahoo.com

    i am asking for this ‘coz er…acually i am a student of bba at lhr and i am carrying a research to determine the satisfaction level among wateen users, so if you have the time and you are willing to help then plz kindly reply on the id above so that i can fwd u the questionnaire..its just a 2-3 mint survey and it doesnt have those long sort of questions,just one at the end regarding ur suggestions…

    If you are not the users of wateen, you can help by writing no im not using wateen and then filling up the personal profile part…

  13. Shah Says:


    As for as Wateen’s WiMAX concerned, that some time create issues but not bad. However Wateen SIP account really rocks 🙂

  14. NZ Says:

    @ Shah,
    Hi, could u pls lt me know how to get SIP account and accont configuration. Is it possible to get/use Worldcall through SIP?

  15. UPVC Windows Says:

    cable tvs these days are rapidly being converted into a digital service which offers more value added services .’,

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