Creditcheck is Hiring

Creditcheck has a job announcement to make:

Creditcheck is looking for an experienced IT manager to look after the IT infrastructure comprising of a mix of Microsoft Windows, Unix and Internetworking facilities. If you have been in the industry for 5 years or more and are as good in people skills as in packets and paging stuff, you can propose yourself. Monthly remunerations can touch six figures in Pak Rupees for candidates who can prove themselves.

Apply via email to zambeel[at]

This blog occasionally publishes job announcements relevant to the Pakistani Telecom sector when the same could be verified via a personal web of trust. Contact me at tariq.mustafa[at] if you need to put your piece here.

Additional Free Info from yours truly: Creditcheck (no homepage for now) is a new financial sector start-up in Pakistan. The organization will work closely with the government, banks and other financial institutes to provide credit checking facilities to the businesses to help them better understand their credit operations risks. This is essentially a e-shop and as such they are out to build a good IT team to deliver the results.


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