Meetup at PTA on Bandwidth Charges Tomorrow

PTA is holding a meeting with stakeholders on the topic of Bandwidth Charges Reduction tomorrow evening at its Head Quarters in Islamabad.

Input from the industry on this issue is now available from the PTA site (here).


3 Responses to “Meetup at PTA on Bandwidth Charges Tomorrow”

  1. Suhaib Says:

    The prices of bandwidth in Pakistan are the highest in the south asia. The reduced prices of bandwidth could provide a boost to ISPs,callcenters, web hosting companies etc .A substantial amount of foriegn exchange could be earned by existing and new companies if the prices of bandwidth are reduced. The reality of a truly broadband Pakistan could be achieved if PTA considerably decreases the prices of Bandwith in Pakistan. Apart from the prices issues related to bandwidth in pakistan needs to be looked upon.

  2. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Though I’m not a fan of PTA, this is exactly what they tried to do earlier this year. I’ve written about it in this entry in my blog.

  3. Shakeel Says:

    i guess PTA have announced finally what they are going to do in 2007. Someone got official words for that ?

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