NADRA and Misplaced Excitements

NADRA has been doing a good job. I realized this when I got CNIC (Computerized National Identity Cards) made for my entire family in a decent environment in almost a matter of few hours and got them issued after the promised time without any issue – except for the snapshot that always come up funny.

To a large extent, it is widely reported, NADRA has done its initial bit of assignment – digitizing large portions of the national demographic records (so far, 82 million citizens had been registered). The massive amount of hardware, software and humanware that NADRA has accumulated for quickly achieving the required results are now posing a justification challenge. The 11,000 staff, 400 National and 5 International Offices need to have a reason to continue getting a paycheck at the month end!
And this is how they are planning a justification case (source: Dawn of Sept 27, 2006):

“Although the main business of Nadra is related to issuance of NICs and machine readable passports, the strengths of its professionals can be used for commercial projects,” he [PM Shaukat Aziz] said while urging Nadra to make partnerships with other companies and groups for export of technology-based products.

It is already been tipped off that NADRA would soon be providing ‘financial transaction services’ to banks in Pakistan.

NADRA Technologies, as the project is being passionately called has a number of potential ‘fault lines’:

  • Mixing data that belongs to Government and the one that belongs to businesses is a wrong idea in the first place. Yes, I know physical mix-ups will be prevented by such and such space-aged technology but still, its the people who ultimately control, manage (and mismanage!) machines.
  • Government projects and facilities are designed to be not-to-profit for good reasons. Unless NADRA is Google (which we all know it is NOT), challenging this conventional wisdom can only be considered misplaced excitement.

So next time you see your CNIC details posted at a hacker group’s website, you know you’ve been forewarned!


13 Responses to “NADRA and Misplaced Excitements”

  1. Shakeel Says:

    lol 🙂

  2. Kamran Says:

    U know my experience of NADRA is not good at all… They claim to have computerized the eniter process, I wonder how… i had to be in long queues when i wanted my CNIC, my Computer readable Passport and NICOP.. Each time they re-entered the same data that could be looked up from my CNIC… Strangest of all when I went for my NICOP the lady in a counter told me that some of the data has been lost because of some internal failure and they may have to re-enter entire thing and that I have to have my docs certified from Nazim once again… wow!!!

    well I am not the servent of this worthless organization.. its the job the govmnt to provide me with what I need.. does the govmnt expect me to be in queues again when they come up with a new idea for ID cards….

    y the hell should I wait in queue for hours.. what kind of pseudo computerization this is.. I myself is a software architect and I am amazed to see what kind of gig NADRA is pulling… and the data that NADRA has collected is not meant to be stored in databases and its not NADRA’s property they should put the collected data in use and automate the process in the real sense rather then satisfiying their own interests and ridiculing comman man…

  3. Omer Says:

    Kamran, what a horror story .. now imagine what a packet has to go through when it gets stuck in a queue 😉

    Seriously, if NADRA wants to get into IT, they should put a web interface for this!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    well check this out buddies

    Now tell me do u feel secure 😉

  5. mak Says:

    chec dis dey got seperate numbers for me two different cards two photows that dond look the same and the adress wrond they want me to fill in a form saying im sorry and its my fault yeh then they do me for 5 years for haveing two i.d. cards stupid people i goin back to europe dame nadra card no good to me any way i got one dhat dont register only used it to get a dame cell line anyway charged me 900 rs for da green crap plastic wast of muny

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  8. sobz Says:

    hya jus wana say that my nadra card is issues onlyforr 5 years whereas the rest of the family’s nadra card is for 10 years, and it expires on the day i come back from pakistan as i am going to pakistan next monthwhat should i do

  9. Asad Says:

    U knw i work at nadra,the process is perfect but there are alot of problems that an applicant cant understand.while working at center u neva knw abt the rejections inroduced by the HQ.There aint any proper training given to their employees n to be very frank i use to experiments on applicant to take em out from the sufferings.So all tht matters tht the center’s were u apply try to serve at thir best n secondly there are few resonsibilities of applicants to ask abt its application status after few days which they dont do.

  10. Khan Says:

    Asad it is good that u worked or still working for that NADRA frankly speaking i also worked for NADRA but I will never teach anyone how one should b and bhave coz your organization fails to deliver!!! you know how much power one has running an NSRC. and up there somewhere some hidden hands like DBAs whare house people sitting doing nothing and taking a good amount of money given to them by every patriotic pakistani For God Sake stop teaching people how should they behave instead learn how to deliver tell you chairman that old man is now getting older and doing nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Akber Says:

    Khan is saying right, i m also in NADRA but we have such problems of DBAs, DMs, DGMs, GMs, mostly from Army side and dont know anything about computer,peoples problems just saying follow the SOP, dont by pass, chain of command and so many problems due to their i wil say illietracy. since 2.5 years no increment to NADRA employees even announced by federal govt: 15% package to all employees working in any department of pakistan but here all increments,Incentive is reserved for army peoples. working in such a environment where peon,sweeper is not allowed in the office. this is the actual situation of worlds 13the largest IT organization.

  12. Bobby Says:

    The lady name Miss Huma is working with the Nadra @ General Consulate in Dubai having many affairs. She only goes there for enjoyment and entertainment did nt fulfil her responsibilities. Her behaviour and attitude is not good, always she is roude and forward her personal cell no. to handsome and good looking guys, one of them is me and now a days i am dating her.

  13. Sarang Says:

    Just FYI there is a new thing named SI block as well. Due to this your valid CNIC card can get rejected when verified. I shared my experience in this post:

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