Certainly Not Journalism!

Daily Times is back with a rejoinder (registration required to read Daily Times [smarties can use bugmenot {firefox ext here} to bypass such absurd restrictions on news portals) on Wateen and its CEO. The battle that we discussed earlier here and here is getting uglier and uglier. While its fun reading such stuff in a lunch-less Ramadan day, it is technology journalism that is getting hurt. That press and media always have influential groups behind them who ’tilt’ the stuff the way that suits their ends is a known fact. However, there is a big difference between being suggestive and crude pin-pointing.

Only if there could have been a sprinkle of journalistic balance in this article, it would have made a far more interesting industry account of contemporary Pakistani Telecom market.


9 Responses to “Certainly Not Journalism!”

  1. Shakeel Says:

    i too herd about canopy thing from a CTO of an ISP in Lahore..and his views were that WiMAX will not be easy cake for wateen due to CPE limitations..

    the writer off essay realy have used some tough english 🙂

  2. Moosa Says:

    Dear Shakeel could u please describe what is the means with CPE limitation ?
    Because as per my knowledge for the Wimax solution there are two basic types of CPEs required indoor and outdoor.
    Normally indoor used by home customers… if u thinking about it so I thing not a big deal just require little info and it will work.
    Outdoor used for commercial user … for the commercial user I think any one can bear time and outdoor work.

    If urs mean of limitation is choice of brand selection so probably WATEEN not considering it right now b/c they are already VENDOR depended like ERICSSON

    If urs means of limitation is Customer in market so I thing it also not a big deal b/c right now u may be aware that PTCL is going to move there Land Line infrastructure on Fiber till the Out Door Distribution Point ( Cabinets ), and they not going to maintain there Copper media where the fiber implemented. It is quite confusing for the DSL operator b/c they cant access the customer in the current scenario.
    On the other side bandwidth requirement of Customer increasing and the awareness of QoS as well. One more benefit of a Wimax to a home customer is TV
    SO NO Shortage of customer with QoS, No confusion of CPEs management.

  3. Shakeel Says:

    Moosa, what i herd, Motorolla solution was a good for Backhault or Longhaul solution [as basically a modificaltion or say alteration of canopy based solutions] ,

    when we come to NLOS , this soltion might not be as affective as some other vendor [Intel based any chipset etc. or even alvarion ..]

    What i have tested [in Lahore], we used Alvarion BTS at 4 places to establsih our company’s intenal WLAN in Lahore – and it failed due to being on free band and very high frequency attenuation.

    NLOS solution was not very successfull on ISM band – it worked in less than 1KM Square of the building while LOS solution worked for 6 KM SQ and had a data rate of 6Mbps…

    We returned the equipment as our talks were not successfull to buy out 3.5ghz frequency from someone..and Wateen came to our management and made them agree that they’ll provide us 8 Demo sites in this december..so finger crossed.

    As far as CPE, i don’t know what cost is for MT, but for Alvarion (ISM band) CPE costs around almost 15K PKR.

  4. Moosa Says:


    What type of antennas u used means Omni or Sector type b/c The main drawback to an omni directional antenna is that its energy is greatly diffused in broad-casting 360 degrees. This limits its range and ultimately signal strength. Omni directional antennas are good for situations where there are a lot of subscribers located very close to the base station. An example of omni directional application is a WiFi hotspot where the range is less than 100 meters and subscribers are concentrated in a small area

    Did u tried AirSpan or u have any plan ?

    And what I heard about the WiMax is

    2-11 GHz (Non Line-Of-Sight), 5 miles (Non Line-Of-Sight), 40 Mbps

    10-66 GHz (Line-Of-Sight), 30 miles (Line-Of-Sight), 70 Mbps

  5. MAK Says:


    Dear Moosa, what you have heared is only limited to the books or the specs of any vendor. I believe it is not practical. We have done few trials on 3.5GHZ WBA and the near (N)LOS has practically obtained upto 5Km of distance and LoS upto 26Km of distance. What I have seen practically that non LoS at 3.5GHz doesn’t exists with any vendor.

    It is basically near LoS where signal is reach to b/s or CPE by the multipath reflection or refraction of nearby buildings.

    The practical capacity that can be obtained on a WLL/WBA Base station is not greater than 25Mbps due to 10.5MHz ful duplex bandwidth on 3.5GH band.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Inspirex Says:

    btw…..daily times has this issue at times….tends to act weird with non supportive companies….

  7. Suresh Gundappa Says:

    You have really brilliant site on pakistan and I like your content. congrats and keep it up.

    On another note I had a friend by name Mustafa who moved from US to Pak to look after Paktel marketing. I need to connect with him to know more.

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