Telenor to Wannbe Road Warriors: ‘Spare us your Rs 17K’

Telenor‘s new postpaid brand ‘Persona’ is now focusing on its EDGE data capabilities. In a newly launched campaign, the European cellular operator is offering Telenor/Sony Erricson co-branded PC based card and service. The campaign shows an empowered women road warrior that is apparently doing some botanical research and modeling in one go right in the hearts of in the troubled tribal areas of Pakistan. And true to match her Rs 7 million Range Rover, the PC card is priced at Rs 17,000 plus actual data services charges that would probably go by the bytes. The service is limited by EDGE’s technological upper limits for data transfer rates but is apparently available everywhere on the Telenor’s foot print in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan.

Telenor and other EDGE services in Pakistan compete with the CDMA 1X based data services from Telecard and Worldcall. Telecard used to offer GoCDMA Internet service which was recently given an exclusive brand called ‘iGo‘. One time charges are less than Rs 10,000 and data rates max at 153 kbps with average responses being around 60 to 80 kbps. The product lacks proper branding and support services can sometime be frustrating but is technologically advanced than the EDGE. Coverage, while available in most of the cities of Pakistan, has some coverage holes.


3 Responses to “Telenor to Wannbe Road Warriors: ‘Spare us your Rs 17K’”

  1. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Interesting & useful info – these pricey services probably are targetted for business users.

    Enjoyed your Range Rover line!

  2. Shakeel Ahmad Says:

    last time i checked from hafeez center (LHR), the SE Edge card (chinese made) was around 7900 and simple GPRS was 5K, which was pretty expensive in a sense.

    Telenor if wants some attraction, they needs to give that free to the some public (atleast to me) 😛

  3. yasmeen Says:

    please kindly send for us an extensive information about the main sponsor of telenor edge card as well as how did u branding telenor edge card and the responses in the market u may got

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