Rumours & Maths

Dawn reported today that:

Mobile phone companies are reported to have earned billions of rupees within six hours soon after the cellphone virus rumour spread across the country last week. According to market sources, the mobile companies generated record revenue.

While the ‘scam’ nature of the event might be true as we suspected earlier, the number is dumb. Even to make Rs 1 billion, 50 million users must spend Rs 20 on this scam each to reach the 1B mark. Anyone living in Pakistan with a cell phone knows that both these numbers are crazy.

Realistic numbers could be ‘a few million‘ – 5 million users spending Rs 5 on average on this scam (one call and two text messages).


2 Responses to “Rumours & Maths”

  1. Shakeel Ahmad Says:

    i still wonder if it was a serious thing to Govt. or PTA, why could’nt they still have got the origin of SMS..besdies (when i was with 300’s VAS), ISI used to visit us to get all MMS (apart from SMS which they already had) records…

  2. شارق Says:

    Whats do you think these scams originate from? The cell phone operators???

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