Qtel & Burraq Deal

This half cooked news in The News (that probably evaded editorial quality review) was a mystery as the headline and the contents did not make any obvious co-relation.

However, a better done story later emerged here on The News (thanks to Mustafa @ BBPak).

Qtel is said to be buying Burraq Telecom for $30 million. Burraq Telecom was among several companies, which acquired LDI (long distance and international) and WLL (wireless local loop) licenses in 2004.

Apart from the regular LDI voice business, Burraq has been actively pursuing a Wimax strategy with Redline CommunicationsRedMax platform. A lot of new names that acquired the WLL license from PTA in 2004 never intended to go for basic telephony services as has been the case with Telecard, VPTCL and Worldcall’s CDMA based voice services. The strategy had been to acquire licensed frequency band in the 3.5 GHz range and offer data and Internet services in an under-served data market.


2 Responses to “Qtel & Burraq Deal”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    did you herd about MTC & Warid deal ?

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