Wateen Bulk IP BW: Sales Calls Begin

Wateen Telecom has started making inquiry calls to potential bulk transit Internet bandwidth customers. While price points were not available with the calling representative of the company, they are planning to offer a single rate for IP bandwidth across Pakistan which will be major impact news.

Whether IP bandwidth would be subject to VoIP service restrictions or not is not known yet. However, unless canabilization is not a problem for Wateen which is also actively pursuing domestic players for nationwide transmission services, most of the tier two players would want to opt for the flat rate Internet across Pakistan and use the medium to save their transmission costs.

Currently, PTCL offers transit Internet bandwidth to Internet Service Providers at a flat rate across Pakistan. However, the same bandwidth could not be used for transporting voice traffic by any player as major VoIP services are disabled on this bandwidth. (PTCL has  traditionally been using a so called ‘Network Security & Surveillance Wing’ to actively detect voice traffic on PTCL provided links to ISP and other enterprise customers).

Backbone Interconnections: Wateen would initially be buying bulk capacity from SMW4 consortium members.

Internet Exchange and Private Peering: Busy in their network roll-outs and customer acquisitions, and want of realized volumes, none of the players (TW, PTCL, Wateen, Mobilink) have so far announced any private peering arrangements. Similarly, the Internet Exchange plan also remains a dream because the country lacks agile nationwide ISPs that own a lot of IP users and hence would potentially benefit from an Internet Exchange.


9 Responses to “Wateen Bulk IP BW: Sales Calls Begin”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    actually the sales campaign was started back 1 month, but so far after multiple meetings we haven’t herd any solid from there – looks like they are still estimating the requirements.

  2. Tee Emm Says:

    It took them literally ages to get back to us with the short proposal for domestic capacities. As you said, lets see how much time does it take for them to send in the proposal this time. 🙂

  3. Zerokool Says:

    regardless of the price its good to see more options coming towards Pakistani ISP and its users. Lets hope the quality is backed by good customer services so we can use Internet in Pakistan to best of its potential and not for only “fun stuff”

  4. Analyzer Says:

    Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations…

    Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations…

    Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations…

    Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations…

    Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations…

  5. aamir attaa Says:

    This person is abusing Wateen on my blog too… for no good reason ( i had to delete his/her comments) . Also claiming that Mobilink got 3000 WiMAX customers in 10 days.

    Must be someone from Mobilink or someone who got fired from Wateen…. maybe

  6. Haris Shamsi Says:

    i can only laugh on this 😀

  7. Analyzer Says:

    Wateen record hit broadband market causing Etisalat(PTCL) to rollback its broadband infrastructure from pakistan.

  8. adnan Says:

    I am a Sales Executive from WATEEN.
    If anyone wants a WATEEN connection please do call me on this number..
    0303 4285967
    free delivery any where in lahore

  9. ahmed Says:

    Hello, all
    i just want to warn you all, dat plz dont buy any thing from this guy, adnan, who is giving his number above in comments, he is just a fraud, a lier,
    there is no , 15 days money back guarantee from wateen, this guy claims every where that wateen will return all the initial amount which was 3100 in my case,
    there were no good signals, but thus guy said me, that u check this for 15 days, at any time, u want to return the device, u will get full amount back,
    but when the 2nd day, when i wished to returned device, that guy just kept me telling stories, dat m coming in 1 day,today, tomorrow,in 2 mins, etc,but never came
    and when disappointly i went to wateen frunchise, i came to knw dat wateen has no such policy,
    once the account is activated,there is no money back thing,
    and this guy just told lie to me, just to make his sales commission,
    and i returned device now, with half price, and with 10 days tension juzt because of this guys cheat,
    stay warned,
    His name is adnan mirza
    and his number is 0303-4285967

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