Who said a blogger cannot be short on words. I am.

Wateen Telecom has a news on its website.


9 Responses to “Speechless!”

  1. Deja Vu Says:

    Shhhh .. what do you think about a Trip to Skurdu, with the team of Managers and a Chopper Ride … a pre launch meeting …. !!!

  2. binary-zero Says:

    hah – didn’t we discussed it back some time about Wateen’s CEO/Worldcall and fuss ? this is funny .. lol

  3. They did what!? : Green & White Says:

    […] by Tee Emm first, Wateen telecom just issued a press release that they have … umm.. celebrated the day […]

  4. binary-zero Says:

    is this green white thing a forced markeeting ? or i am just newbiee facing this

  5. Aaqil Mahmood Says:

    abu dubau have only paisa not akal
    also warid hehehe

  6. binary-zero Says:

    i would call it more like no professionalism – just gang of “TC” ppl together

  7. Tee Emm Says:

    @ binary-zero: This is the pingback. WordPress pingsback when any other blog on wordpress mentions another blog on wordpress in its contents. Nothing abnormal.

  8. bbpk Says:

    Good One Tee Emm 😉

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