Can we have a telephone number we can call you when there is an urgent need to do so? Yesterday, a fellow ISP had a problem in their domain record that apparently occurred at PKNIC’s end. The NS glue records were changed. The site disappeared. The emails were not going through. It was a sorry sight to see him ask around everyone about a PKNIC support telephone number they might know about. Of course he was short on luck.

We all know PKNIC doesn’t believe in having a public number to serve its paying customers.

In this era of voice over IP, unified communications, Instant Messaging and cheap (for North American businesses) BPO services, it is hard to believe that one of the core digital era services of an entire country like Pakistan would not have anything besides an email address to serve thousands of customers who are charged a fee for the service.

I am not debating how small or big the PKNIC fee structure is. I know PKNIC serves government and military domains for free (by the way, showing respect for the powerful used to be a shame in the past). I know PKNIC tries to remain democratic in its process development. I know PKNIC pays a lot to its DNS hosting company. We’d ben on these issue before too.

I am just asking one question: Can we have a number to call PKNIC in times of distress?

Last we checked, for business outfits, customers used to be the king. Or did I miss the news about PKNIC changing its status to a charity during the recent past?

PKNIC has been a great service to Pakistan. It was there when not a lot of people knew how essential a service it is for Pakistan and its digital future. Please make a phone number available for your paying customers.

I promise I wont be calling just to say ‘hi’.

An Otherwise Satisfied PKNIC Customer


22 Responses to “Dear PKNIC”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    i dont think so they would be giving out phones or the hundreds of affected customers will chocke the lines. PKNIC have a poor history and is still at the the same position no matter how much you love them.

  2. Tee Emm Says:

    Boss, sometimes you have to love a monopoly 🙂

  3. pakistan451 Says:

    Could you write a brief history of PKNIC? You obviously know quite a bit about them, and while there are bits and pieces scattered about the internet there is no breif overview of them.

    Their website is severely lacking in the history department.

  4. Deja Vu Says:

    We really need to look into this issue very seriously as this could reoccur / re appear any time. There are no SLA’s provided by PKNIC at the moment and on the other hand 99.999 customers are asking for DR procedures from Service provider industry. The regulatory bodies/ PTA has to intervene and take some action – worldwide industry is moving towards localization of traffic, local content development etc and isn’t it a misery that when you locate you find it hosted outside PK?

    …… a .pk authority outside .pk geographical vicinity ? Knock knock PTA!!!

  5. d0ct0r Says:

    btw is PKNIC a private entity? if yes then why is it in private hands? why not assosication of local ISPs create
    PKnic? asking govt/pta/ptcl to create PKnic would mean disaster but why not the Private ISPs together do it? or why not the ISPAK ‘buys’ PKnic from current ‘owner’

  6. Zaeem Says:

    To top it off, AFTER changing the NS records, their reply was that there seems to be no issue. I can only wonder about the kind of people controlling .pk.

  7. PKNIC friend Says:

    The following is an unofficial statement obtained from PKNIC:

    We are implementing a procedure and method where interested domain registrants can contact PKNIC for urgent issues and get response within the parameters agreed upon.

    Currently we discourage direct phone calls to staff, due to well known threat of social-engineering security attacks (where callers can talk staff members into revealing any secure information regarding domains for which the callers are not authorized). Such attempts, even though abortive, are known to have happen in the past. Domain security is the top priority in all our processes.

  8. Waseem Sindhu Says:

    What is the procedure to become another .pk registrar or in other words, rival of PKNIC?

  9. Another frustated PKNIC customer Says:

    Dear PKNIC Friend, we are not talking about security sensitive issue or some sort of nuclear issue or terrorist issue, simple a domain name the way whole world is offering. Is PKNCI domains are exempted form the rest of world? It is shame for all of us Pakistanis to keep silent on such critical issues.

    On the otherhand, if PKNIC provides satisfactory services why any one would want to call and threat. So all business in pakistan and life should stop.

    One simple question, I have few .PK domain names (not but .PK) through PAKHOST and I was told PKNIC do not provide any domain renewal machanism yet for .PK domain names. Prepaid cards issued by PKNIC CANNOT be used to register or renew .PK domain names. Any domain changes including DNS changes takes 2-7 days as claimed by PKNIC on their website.

    Shame shame shame PKNIC, so apathetic people playing with national reputation and asset.

    PTA, government and other agencies are not relevant to complain. ICANN, APTLD, WWTLD and such other organization are the one where complains should be sent.

  10. Ali Says:

    PKNIC-SRS is stone-age rubbish. The staff’s response time is poor to the lowest level.

    There is only one way to contact the staff i.e. through the only one email address. No phone, no fax. What the hell somebody wrote about social-engineering threat earlier in the comments?
    Pakistan-SRS is not supposed to be a drawing room business of Ashar Nisar. Citizens of Pakistan have their business associated with .PK and they deserve prompt supprt like happens everywhere else.

    Third class Web site, no standard navigation, no site map.

    Rs. 1000/yr cannot be justified, in a court.

    I am busy with some personal work. I do have the intentions to bring PKNIC-SRS on the ground. The campaign will start soon.

    Our ccTLD has to be maintained with responsibility.

  11. Junaid Says:

    I completely agree with you Ali.

  12. Butt Says:

    PKNIC although did great job in past by providing ground for .PK domains but now its time to get the things on right tract

    At present Dad + Son combination is behind PKNIC where son is good tech and old Dad is a good at handling legal issues

    So both are minting money in US $ and PTA is sleeping as usual. God forbade if some things happens to Dad/Son combination all .PK domains may suffer.

    If Mr. Ashar reads this post he should think like a pro and do some arrangements to formalize .PK in real sense

    There must be some end to greed and disguise !

  13. Imtiaz Says:

    PKNIC is a shameful organization. THEY HIJACKED my domain

  14. anas Says:

    Can anyone tell me how one registers a .PK domain using the PKNIC site? I’ve been looking around their site for help, and frankly I don’t really understand what they are talking about. A little help will be much appreciated.

    I guess the procedures are archaic. My .com registration was really swift!

  15. Innexperienced Says:

    Aoa 2 All Pakistanis, I hope you are enjoying to discuss Ashar’s PKNIC, please dont wate your time here because this is not Our Pakistanis PKNIC, i also tell you one thing we are wasting our time, cause there is no LAW in Pakistan, if some one have a money they can do any thing which they desired, I think you all people know about our system, all the government officials are fully involved to eadt & drink of propety of Pakistani people, ist of all no body know this, registry of .pk is the property of Pakistan’s people not for Mr. Ashar Nisar and his fellow e.g One Barraistor in Karachi, One Executive of PASHA, One from PTA, From MOIT,. So thats why if we have any courage then we goahead, other wise not, be a nation we are not united in any cause, be a indiviusal we are very much PATRIOT, so please lets do to Mr Ashar with Pakistan, because we have not courrage to do for our Pakistan.

  16. Zafar Mustafa Says:

    PKNIC main website is down for the last 9 hours in USA and as of now my writing, it is still down. Can someone else also confirm this outage????

    I am afraid if their DNS are also down which will bring all .PK domains down eventually.

  17. aharhayat Says:

    Down in Canada also……. it is a shame.

  18. Asif Iqbal Says:

    Dear Innexperienced

    For your information please read below posting

    Dear Touseef Ikram,
    I told you that big Boss or manger please look it this.
    1- Mr. Ashar Nisar
    2- Mr. Zahid Jamil (Onwer of DNDRC.COM)
    3- Mr. Salman Ansari
    4- Mr. Imran Zia
    5- Mr. Basit (CEO of Brain net)
    And some Govt. Official also involved in this STOPIT PKNIC setup and earning lot of money from us.
    I am sure which meeting is going in PTA is just time wasting. Mr. Ashar will give some reward to some PTA official and get some more chance to still using of register for their own cause.
    Do you know our nations nature one Prime Minster imported and give chance to make money as he like just paid his share to our Govt. Official and then they will give him save path to leave the country.
    I am sure this is story will continue in the shape of PKNIC. Mr. Ashar is nothing he is just player. I am sure there was some hide hand in this setup how is using our National Asset for their benefits and making money.
    So please bear with us there was no change is going. I am in fever of PTA.
    If there was some good people working under PTA platform how is not beliving under desk money then i am sure there will be some positive change come. Other wise now way.
    So wait what PTA meeting give us result.

  19. A.R. Nasir Qureshi Says:

    PKNIC is running a centuries old system of registration and maintenance of domains. Even if you have to just change the Nameserver, you have to fill out a form with all the information. They do not have a web form to do that.

    If PKNIC is a charity, and they do not have enough funds to provide the services that match this century, then it should be converted into a trust and a fund should be created where big IT organizations of the country should contribute (I will surely send some from my company). BUT the service provided should be good enough, with telephone numbers, online chats etc. And then their operations should be audited and the people running the show should be chosen from a group of experts.

  20. L K Singh Says:

    Another illegal activity by PKNIC

    Try their whois now

    They even don’t mention

    1. when domain was registered
    2. What is Payment Status
    3. Even incomplete address of domain contact

    So if some domain sends you spam you even can’t contact the domain Admin

    What a shame for PKNIC for not abiding the international rules regarding showing domain contact or giving an option to contact Domain Admin

    Why it is so ?

  21. Aslam Says:

    use any other registrar to register your .pk domain, like , They offer .pk, .com, .net, .org and other tld.

    No need to waste your energy to find pknic help.

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