MTC Interested in Warid?

Warid-MTC-News-Urdu A news appearing in Urdu, attributed to Associated Press of Pakistan says (translated for the primarily English readership here):

Islamabad (APP): Telecom service group of Kuwait, MTC has offered to buy Warid Telecom cellular services in Pakistan for $805 million. There have been two rounds of talks for the deal between the two groups in Dubai during the last two weeks. Warid sources have said that the MTC group is very actively looking to get engaged in the cellular business in Pakistan and is talking to Warid for such a possible acquisition. Sources have said that the two managements met in Dubai recently and MTC offered $805 million for acquiring Warid. Warid Telecom has not yet conveyed acceptance or otherwise of the offer back to MTC.

No other sources of the news could be tracked so the readers can take the newsbite with a pinch of salt.


4 Responses to “MTC Interested in Warid?”

  1. Zerokool Says:

    Yes….it would be a JV with managment control they are finalizing things and announcement might come soon.

  2. Singapore Telecom Set to Buy Stake in Warid : Green & White Says:

    […] It was reported recently by TeeEmm (not the musician) that Warid is looking to be bought by foreign investors — where Kuwait-based MTC offered $805MM for the company. The other runners were Vodafone UK and MTN (South Africa) […]

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