Telenor Mobile TV

Telenor announced a GPRS/EDGE based valued added which they are calling Mobile TV (look here for content roundup by Farhan of OurE61). This is different than the chip-based, 470 to 862 MHz analog TV reception on cell phone that can potentially be realized by technologies like FLO from Qualcomm. As rightly pointed out by this in-depth review of Telenor Mobile TV by Osama at Green & White, the service is expensive and sports pretty high procedural entry barriers.

The stunt might not have a lot of takers in the local Pakistani market but this, along with the Telenor Akhbar service (reviewed here), should send a few chills down the spine for the operators who are still basking in just the volumes of voice. With rates approaching the 50 paisa boundary and tele-density at 33%, contents will become the ARPU enhancer maintainer.


8 Responses to “Telenor Mobile TV”

  1. Osama A. Says:


    Thanks for the link. Only one problem – I’m not Athar Osama.

    I dont mind being mistaken for him though 🙂 Not often people publicly link me to a profile that says I’m some sort of a visionary.

    Anyway, My name’s Osama A. Hashmi.


  2. Farhan Says:

    Thanks Tee Emm for mentioning my blog , I have mentioned about the free tv on Series 60 , its working flawlessly , although the pic quality is not upto the mark .
    Btw Telenor has shown E61 on their ad while the same model is yet to be supported way to go Telenor

  3. binary-zero Says:

    i like this service – lets see how is it digested by regulator.

  4. Name Trouble « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

    […] regulation of the topic of Telenor’s Mobile TV, it seems, will continue for a while. As we tipped earlier, Telenor might have avoided all this hassle had they named the baby correctly as a Value Added […]

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