Better Broadband By PTCL

My metroblogging post about the upcoming PTCL Optical Fiber Access Network in Karachi attracted a generally very well informed comment chain at KMB. While the matter was intended for general public, the enthusiasm (and the contents) as measured from the heated debates that followed in the comments is just an indication that the broadband remains a dream in Pakistan.

P.S: Reuters is reporting that PTCL’s profit fell 30% due to increased competition and tariff reduction due to competition. This is inline with the theory that PTCL needs to play well on areas that are supposed to be its prime assets such as the customer reach and outside (fiber and copper) plants if it has to maintain the overall lead in the market. The OFAN project, if done right, is one such correct step.


4 Responses to “Better Broadband By PTCL”

  1. Amir Says:

    There are two type of OFAN on hand, FTTP and FTTC from the comments it appears to a FFC type of the Access Node ?

    So What will be the core for providing the Adsl 2+ through GiGE or through ATM ?
    For connectivity between Exchange Unit and Remote Unit there are two methods,
    1- PDH by using V5.2 multiplexing for voice and STM-1 for Data
    2- All (voice and Data) integrated through SDH ? Out of these, what they are going to use or some different configuration

  2. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Very interesting post on KMB – (local picture are great). This validates the conclusions I reached at the end of a recent post on the future of PTCL. Good luck PTCL!

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