Kazaa and Skype creators have another disruptive candy for the world – Joost. Joost is a video distribution platform that relies on P2P protocol(s) instead of HTTP (as in the case of GooTube) with the twist that the platform is all directors-driven. That means higher quality contents. And of course, that also means some very well thought-out business models to sustain the network. A nice twist with Joost is the way it captures the entire screen of your PC to give it a ‘feel’ of a TV.

Joost, like Youtube and other video services, will remain off-limits for Pakistani users most of whom are still on dialup or ‘genetically engineered’ DSL/HFC networks.

If you have a broadband connection and want to try out the application, Umair of Salaam Bazaar and Mustafa of Broadband Pakistan are dishing out Joost invites. If you want, you can get the same directly from here too.


One Response to “Joost-In-Time”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    ah thanks for invite link , long time forgoten thing from my todo list.

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