Warid Goes Regional – Promises for Pakistan

Warid started services in Bangladesh yesterday. The network has been bootstrapped with 900 BTS with 200 more to go. The company plans to invest a total of 800m dollars in the populous country of Bangladesh. Warid can now claim to be a regional player. However, I found the mentioning of ‘European standard network quality’ in the statement given to AFP by the the company’s spokesman a bit ‘Telenor inspired’.

So what does this mean for Pakistan? A lot. At least for the optimists out there. Even if the financial nerve center of the company remains stuck in Abu Dhabi, it seems that Pakistan has a chance to become the supply center for technology and management professionals for the region in the cellular sector. And this has happened before as well. The ailing Instaphone saw the best and most experienced of its technology and management staff moving in hoards to Middle East to work at critical positions for alternative operators like du in UAE and Mobily in Saudi Arabai. With one of the best performing cellular market in the region, there is no reason why Pakistan cannot become the number 1 choice when it comes to cellular professionals.


7 Responses to “Warid Goes Regional – Promises for Pakistan”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    i agree, atleast telecom professionals will gain good benefit from this as most companies like to promote their trusted staff and send them over on international responsabilities…

  2. Aaqil Mahmood Says:

    Warid have only money not mind hahaha
    i am noticing its experience in paksitan.

  3. Saleem Ahmed Khan Says:

    WARID picking-up Mobilink staff and not using their experience, there is one man show, they have enough money but no services, they are showing sweet dreams

  4. Warid Going Places « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

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  5. Dr Suleiman Says:

    Warid has done the most brilliant deal by forging a new partnership with SingTel in Pakistan. Its seems like they are planning to create regional subcontinent telco operation. If it is true then it will have huge implication on how the businesses and individuals choose their carrier and interact with each other.

    We wait to see how this partnership unfolds but certainly with Warid being in Pakistan and Bangladesh and Singtel being a major partner with the largest operator i.e. Bharti in India its a real possibility. The telcos across the borders will certainly be feeling the heat already.

  6. retro Says:

    It’s a shame what happened to Bangladesh. I hope the world steps up and helps them.

  7. jamil214 Says:

    i hope our bros in bagladesh are spared the ‘expertese’ of pak cellular professionals. these have ouly knowledge of how to sell more and more connections. they have zero skills and knowledge of there own profession. even lay men understand these tech. better than they do.

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