PTCL Seeking GMs, Misses Change Artists

PTCL, on 13th May, 2007, has posted around 50 jobs on its website most of which are of higher management level. The company is seeking General Managers for Business Development (Consumer), Sales Planning & Forecasting, Consumer Sales (Zone), Corporate Sales (Zone), Business Development (Corporate), Distribution Sales, Direct Sales, SME’s Sales, Corporate Sales, Commercial Performance Control, Multi Media Management, Loyalty Management, Calling Cards, Fixed Network Services, Wireless Network Services, Market Communication, Skills Development, Country Training, Market Research & Planning.  A large number of Senior Managers and Managers in various disciplines are also being sought for what seems like a fresh start in a competitive market by PTCL.

Apparent from the titles of these post is the fact that PTCL would now be focusing on selling services off the infrastructure it has been laying down in the past two years – Wireless Local Loop, Optical Fiber Access Network / DSL, and Wimax (currently in planning phase). The key challenge that the company now faces is to how to present its customers with solutions that are seamlessly stitched together. For a very long time now, PTCL’s customers are accustomed to weave their own solution from the available connectivity options provided by the company. In fact, a large amount of market business is carried out by third parties that generally perform this job in the fanciful name of ‘system integration’.  With good talent onboard at PTCL, it might become possible for the company to offer integrated solution to its customers by picking up the services available across its portfolio.

While it seem simple to attract good human resource from local and International market by simply bringing the compensation packages at par with the market, most of the incumbents in the developing world forget that before they can attract (and subsequently benefit from) the talent available in the market, they need ‘change artists’. From organizational development to organizational behavior, the challenge for large incumbent organization like PTCL is far from one that is just technical and procedural.


2 Responses to “PTCL Seeking GMs, Misses Change Artists”

  1. zerokool Says:

    Lets hope the new CEO brings good change. I heard him the other day on a TV show at least he was talking sense which is a good sign but only time will tell

  2. Babar Says:

    It is very tough to change companies like PTCL. Will be interesting to revisit this at the end of ’07.

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