Sans Wateen, MTC-Warid Deal Nears Closure

The MTC-Warid deal we discussed earlier, is reported to ‘near closure’. A high ranking ex-employee of Warid with close insiders contacts confirmed the rumors floating in the market since the morning. The interesting twist is the fact that the would-be owners are only interested in Warid and have shown no interest in Wateen, the data and telecommunication infrastructure wing of the Abu Dhabi group.

Wateen is deploying Wimax services in major cities of Pakistan on a Motorola platform, has laid thousands of kilometers of optical fiber across Pakistan and is building a large number of carrier hotels to serve, besides Warid, other telecommunication entities in Pakistan that have traditionally suffered from the monopoly of PTCL for these services.


3 Responses to “Sans Wateen, MTC-Warid Deal Nears Closure”

  1. sajjad786 Says:

    Another very interesting thing with respect to the MTC-Warid deal is that Warid is in negotiation with Ericsson to award Managed Services Contract to it. But the signing of contract is lingering on for the last few months. It might be due to the this MTC-Warid deal. All of Warid Employees are also in favour of MTC-Warid deal before the Managed Services Contract is awarded to Ericsson.

  2. Warid Intends To Sell Part of Equity « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

    […] is not ready to give up control or change the brand. Along with MTC (which we reported earlier here and here), the report cites the names of Singtel and Vodafone of UK as the parties that are talking […]

  3. Sidra Mir Says:


    Sir/Madam…i am here to look for people who are either currently using wateen’s products/services or have had some or the other experience with it…if u r one of the users(or had been one previously), then plz kindly reply on the id ”

    i am asking for this ‘coz er…acually i am a student of bba at lhr and i am carrying a research to determine the satisfaction level among wateen users, so if you have the time and you are willing to help then plz kindly reply on the id above so that i can fwd u the questionnaire..its just a 2-3 mint survey and it doesnt have those long sort of questions,just one at the end regarding ur suggestions…

    If you are not the users of wateen, you can help by writing no im not using wateen and then filling up the personal profile part…

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