Pakistan-Iran Fiber Link

Pakistan and Iran started talks on a possible terrestrial optical fiber connectivity between the two countries back in December 2005 have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the same. The deal between Iran’s Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and Pakistan’s state-owned NTC. Capacity of the fiber would initially be 64 STM1 links.

Once realized (at a reported cost of 1 million dollars), the link will be the forth major optical  fiber connection of the country to the outside world. Currently, SMW3, SMW4 and Transworld’s TW1 are the only three physical optical fiber cable systems (beside some satellite based connectivities in Karachi and Islamabad) that connects Pakistan to the rest of the globe. Talks for a link via India are on since since December 2004 but the deal has not yet materialized and no circuits have yet been fired up.


4 Responses to “Pakistan-Iran Fiber Link”

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  2. khushi muhammad Says:

    optic fiber cable joining testing termination in pakistan

  3. aamir Says:

    optic fiber cable joining testing termination

  4. shoaib saleem Says:

    i m optical fiber technican and 1 year experiance.

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