PTCL Broadband – All Set, Except Bandwidth

PTCL is set to launch its new broadband services off its new OFAN platform starting 23rd June 2007 in Karachi according to a source in the company. However, just like their launch of the service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi a few weeks ago, the Karachi launch is facing a bizarre issue – everything is set except that transit Internet bandwidth is not available for the platform to the needed extent. The same issue, according to the insider, is being faced in Karachi and unless this is fixed by some drastic measures, the Karachi launch will be marred by the same problem.

In other unrelated PTCL news, a new Voluntary Separation Scheme aims at cutting down as many as 12,000 regular employees of PTCL in the first go. The new management at PTCL  plans to drop a total of 38,000 regular employees from the 52,000 populous team of PTCL in the coming days. (Staff working at non-management positions of riders, peons, drivers etc are paid daily and are not part of this count. Most of these belong to sister concerns of PTCL such as Telecom Foundation etc).


23 Responses to “PTCL Broadband – All Set, Except Bandwidth”

  1. ali raz Says:

    but here is islamabad, its working good.

  2. Ahmad Says:

    If its not good for anybody who’s using PTCL then wait for wateen, I heard alot about it

  3. Muhammad Zeb Khan Says:

    i think its oppurtunity for every one to this ptcl Broadband Package but i m living in District swat please introduce this package in District Swat

  4. muhammad murad Says:

    when it will come to swat..paknet is just pain in neck..not connecting..if it is to be managed like paknet then plz stop to show green gardens..

  5. Aamir Zia Says:

    PTCL broadband is one of the best broadband service i ever use

    & its very cheap & Fast with unlimited downloads

  6. AA Says:

    Just bought it and it stopped working an hour later.

    Nobody picks up phone on the help line.

  7. AA Says:

    It started to work again. Speed I am getting is 3.4 kb/sec. My home is in 100 feet of exchange.

    No one picking up at their help line.

    PTCL – Feel the difference : |

  8. Muhammad Amin Ahmad Says:

    I also have PTCL Broadband 256kb but I am unable to get speed consistently. I also bought a new ONU Telephonic connection for my Broadband. but I got my PTCL line dead 5 times in 1 month. Another amazing thing from PTCL is… When I applied for new telephone connection. they accepted the application and forwarded it to concern department and said It will be installed in a week. But after 20 days I got bill with installation charges & 3 local calls… Please note: My telephone line was not installed on that time 🙂 … I can say PTCL billing department is more efficient (benefits to PTCL only) then others. … It is not much they want to do more like this…

  9. Muhammad Amin Ahmad Says:

    Do u know about PTCL manaoply: They did ON Pakistan Package on all PTCL lines and start charging Rs 199/month. I did notice when I received my bill after a month that I don’t want this service and I didn’t apply for it then why they have ON this service. I called on 1236 and file a complain. they said you will have to visit telephone exchange to fix/resolve this problem.

  10. Muhammad Amin Ahmad Says:

    When I applied for a new telephone connection they asked in application… Do you need CLI and Nationwide/international service. I selected both…. but they didn’t ON it. I try to requested them.. the number was busy even I tried till half an hour with practice to hangup phone and redial. This practice allowed me to do praise of PTCL. You can’t find service like PTCL. 😉 Because we would like to get tensions. ( A Pakistani citizen: Adat see ho gayee hai pareishan rehneay kee. )

  11. AA Says:

    Current speed: 6-8.5 KB/sec for a 1 Mbps connection.

    I don’t know why most things in Pakistan is load of poop.

  12. AA Says:

    Called help line at 1236, they said to clear my temporary internet files, history, cookies, reduce privacy settings and delete all other ISP connections.

    Called tech support at 18, they said connection might be loose.

    I think Pakistan is synonymous with uber cr*p service and products.

  13. AA Says:

    Called 5 times, got calls from them thrice. Speed still stuck at 5-8kb and DSL department blaming distribution department and vice versa.

  14. Soon to be ex-ptcl cusstomer Says:

    Have complained to them more than 6 times. Incompetent Customer Service Reps gave excuses and blamed router then line then server then again line then me for not telling them what was the fault, and she was senior technical support itchycutie. I wonder what juniors are like?


  15. XeeJay Says:

    I am using PTCL Broadband since its launch at Islamabad but for last two months I am getting a speed which lets me take a nap when downloading something. Highly in-efficient people at support. You are lucky if they pick yr phone. They are hoooooopeless.

  16. Faisal Rabbani Says:

    PTCL broadband service is very good if you have very good and clear telephone line otherwise its a hell because no 1 will even try to help you out…If you want to use PTCL broadband thn use carbon cleaner spray and clean your cable joint from the PTCL poll.

  17. irfan Says:


  18. Saad Says:

    worst service I have seen so far. I had a problem in opening google site. my web browser was not resolving the domain by its ip where as it was resolving by ip. I called at 1236 for inquiring the dns server ip address of ptcl and the csr who attended made my temper loose. instead of letting me know the dns server ip address the csr named masood claimed that no such thing ever came into existence and the issue is in my pc……. I hung the call . and did nslookup in command prompt by which I retrieved the ptcl dns server I applied the settings along with global dns to local area connection and my issue was resolved
    I called again at the customer support and the same guy masood attended my call . I told him the ptcl dns settings

    I heard that the micronet customer support is very efficient and responsive . is it so ? would any one shed light on this claim ?

  19. dymnCyday Says:

    Fantastic information. i will definitely come back again soon!!

  20. Marinkina Says:

    Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  21. Chowrangi Says:

    PTCL Broadband: It commits but never delivers…


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