CMPak’s Investements – Insomania for Mobilink?

AFP is carrying a report that mentions CMPak’s resolve to invest another $500 million in its Pakistan operations. Rural penetration is being cited as one of the main components of the expansion thrust:

World’s biggest telecom operator China mobile having 320 million subscribers in China plans to invest another $ 500 million next year as the investment atmosphere is very conducive here. Executive Director China Mobile Pakistan Sikandar Naqvi Thursday told CNBC channel that a sum of $ 1.2 billion has already been invested in Pakistan.

This, read along with the statement from the China Mobile Chairman that China Mobile sees their Pakistan operations as a valuable experience for its subsequent international ventures, will surely put the existing big boys of cellular services in Pakistan like Mobilink and Ufone on high-alert and may be give them sleepless nights.


3 Responses to “CMPak’s Investements – Insomania for Mobilink?”

  1. Faisal Naik Says:

    Well firstly I dont believe the Mobi guys need to worry. I mean have they had a single quarter where they stopped investment or activity in their networks. Except for a few gitters i suppose they are well ahead.

    2ndly I wont call Ufone a big boy of the cellular company anymore. They have lost in time and value which they could have easily made use of. Sitting Idle and doing nothing for more than a year had already started their downfall.

    My 2nd and 3rd placers are the Zem / persona people!

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