VSAT Hubs Mushroom

Pak Datacom is announcing that they are installing an iDirect VSAT hub.

Insufficient fiber and other wired infrastructure, limited range of existing terrestrial wireless technologies and a boom in ICT industry in Pakistan is causing an upsurge in the satellite services.

Banks and other financial institutions are one of the major drivers for remote area data connectivity market. New initiatives by the Government to introduce electronic management in its working is the often considered as the second largest factor driving the satellite services consumption in Pakistan.

Modern VSAT hubs are intelligent entities that make better use of the expensive and scarce satellite bandwidth resources by intelligently distributing the same to a large number of customers that are equipped with smart satellite terminals – costs of which is coming down as third-party CPEs made to a number of standards are getting cheaper. Installation cost and complexity for the remote sites is also coming down allowing better confidence towards the service by the end customer.

Lately, a number of network service providers have installed VSAT Hubs to service the growing data services sector. Supernet (iDirect), Comstar, Pak Datacom (wing of PTCL) and Multinet all have either installed or are in the process of installing VSAT hubs to complement their existing wired and wireless services.

The explosive growth of cellular services in Pakistan has resulted in the companies’ new quest to reach the untapped rural markets and in the absence of optical fiber backhaul, VSAT backhaul have picked up big times. Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor all have placed huge orders of VSAT backhuals for their base stations in far flung areas such as FATA and Azad Jammu Kashmir. The volume of the business has taken the otherwise go-slow network service providers by surprise and in certain cases, single orders placed by the cellular giants have been comparable with the annual volume of business done by the network service provider.


4 Responses to “VSAT Hubs Mushroom”

  1. ggkk Says:

    It’s mushroom not mashroom.

  2. Tee Emm Says:

    Thanks ggkk! Fixed.

  3. ZAM Says:

    I am not sure if the right sophisticated sort of equipment is being deployed… for example in the NOC… bcz here in Pakistan we follow the kaam chalao approach… The iDirect hub can’t be compared to Hughes in terms of capacity and data rate, get me corrected if I am wrong

  4. Telenor Establishes VSAT Network | Tea Break Says:

    […] to be expensive so its use has been limited to situations where alternatives are not available. Tariq Mustafa explains in a 2007 post: The explosive growth of cellular services in Pakistan has resulted in the companies’ new quest […]

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