Pakistan-India Fiber Linkup

There are more news about the Pakistan-India fiber linkup via the Wagah border (Lahore/Amritsar). Essentially, the project is inching, not leaping, further. As we discussed back in early 2006, India is said to be reluctant about the equality of the utility of the optical fiber. From the The News story:

It’s not a big issue, but it has to be resolved first before it gets operational,’ said a source close to the development. ‘There are more bottlenecks on the Indian side compared with Pakistan, as India believes the project would benefit Pakistan more.’

An optical fiber link is also being established between Pakistan and Iran.


3 Responses to “Pakistan-India Fiber Linkup”

  1. Atif Says:

    If that is the case then Pakistan should focus on Pak-Iran fiber link and consider other countries in the region for the same.

  2. binary-zero Says:

    i think indian point is valid, we are quite eager for this link to be activated due to the fact few months ago we didn’t had any real physical redundancy. Lets see how it goes, but i would vote for India link instead of Iran.

  3. Majid Says:

    Depending on quality of peering as well. I would imagine India should have way better peering then Iran does. And do remember Iran has censorship policy in place maybe they will affect us peering with them

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