Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has announced a determination that deals with the complaints of Internet Service Providers of Pakistan with respect to PTCL’s recently launched Broadband Pakistan DSL services.

The determination:

  1. has approved the ring-distance based charging by PTCL for metro circuits needed by DSL operators to carry their traffic from their DSLAMs back to their respective data centers but have asked PTCL to provide an SLA for the service which would be reviewed by the regulator
  2. has denied the ISPs requests to be provided Ethernet connectivity between Exchanges instead of the current non-scalable nXE1 solution available to them
  3. has approved the PTCL line-rent reduction from Rs 217/mo to Rs 150/mo direction future rate changes to be routed via the authority’s approval process
  4. has fallen short of asking PTCL not to counter-offer the existing subscribers of the DSL providers and has advised the parties at arriving at a agreement as to how the providers should handle the DSL churn between themselves
  5. has denied the ISPs’ plea to get access to the shiny new PTCL OFAN and has concluded that only the copper infrastructure of PTCL is up for sharing.
  6. has instructed PTCL to let the operators bring in their copper pair to the PTCL premises to make use of the outside copper plant of PTCL.  Currently, PTCL has highly restrictive practices of not allowing interconnection between operators with each other one or both of whom happen to be co-located at PTCL premises.

The determination is being actively discussed at TGP here.

98 Responses to “PTCL DSL vs ISPs”

  1. Khwaja Naveed Says:

    I want to share my experience of PTCL Broadband service, how PTCL is treating its customers on the ground level.

    I was using Cybernet’s CyberXtreme DSL service for almost 2 years, then after seeing PTCL’s advertisement for its Broadband service; I decided to switch over to this economical service. On 22nd June, 2007 I applied for the service by registering on their Contact Center ‘1236’.

    As a rule, I immediately sent a termination letter to CYBERNET. It took about 15 days for formal processing.

    After numerous follow-up with PTCL, I received my DSL modem on 19th July, 2007. Since then, PTCL staff cannot able to sync my modem. According to technicians, the problem is due to ‘long distance from Exchange to your home’.

    By the way, PTCL don’t have technical experts who can take care of any DSL issues. They even don’t have BERT equipments, for line testing etc. They are taking services ‘informally’ from CYBERNET and Gerry’s staff.

    On exchange end, those are managing broadband services that are not technically aware of DSL technology. They even can’t use computers proficiently.

    I am unable to connect to the DSL broadband service to this date.

    I have received now PTCL Utility bill with not only DSL monthly charges but additional following charges that are all mentioned on the bill, even when I am “NOT” using DSL service:
    1) MONTLY DSL CHARGES: Rs. 1199.00 (256kbps)

    PTCL has published on its contact center number “1236” for all complaints/inquiries but.. They are just agents, registers all your complaints. But no one is taking responsibility; they even can’t tell you who the authorized person for your exchange is.

    I am presently connected with “CONNECT” internet cable service, its pretty good as compare to the DSL service along with their INTRANET service, where one can download any movie/song/game from their portal on local LAN speed. Moreover, I usually get around 54 kbps downloading speed. And the mohtly fee is half of the PTCL’s 256 kbps charges.

  2. Khwaja Naveed Says:

    The downloading speed that mentioned about CONNECT service is around 54KB/sec. Normally you get 30KB/sec on 256kbps DSL connection, if I am not wrong.

  3. Talha Says:

    PTCL DSL is a big huge PIECE OF JUNK.
    They don’t even know what a DSL is..I shifted to PTCL DSL 2 months ago and since then i havn’t been able to use my internet calmly…always sum problems…u need to open the browser half an hour earlier so the router can take its time before it starts working properly…whenever u complain to the higher officials at PTCL the will send a pair of Goofs to the rescue who don’t even know how to use a computer…

  4. Uzair Says:

    I totally agree with you.

  5. Nisar-ul-Haq Says:

    Any body can tell me, which is the best way to access to the internet, i have searched about all isp’s, but no any good service here. rates are too high. tell me with your experince and what are you saying about PTCL Wireles. i am waiting…

  6. waqar Says:

    ahh thnx GOD!
    i m using cyber net! and just ask for termination letter for switching to ptcl DSL. but after reading above comments i cant take rest!
    but wut to do? cyber net says in my phone line data signals are so weak? 😦

    go4b also no available in my area …… ahhh i just need internet wut to do ?

  7. waqar Says:

    can u tell me CONNECT URL ?

  8. Rizwan Says:

    It seems to me that PTCL has started to offer the service without proper infrastructure in place. By proper infrastructre i mean the following.

    1 – Have proper gateways or access points setup in core exchanges (ERX’s or Junipers etc)
    2 – Have the bandwidth the back up your claims, DSL is much more demanding in terms of contention.(256k on advert does not mean you can provide it to end user.)
    3- Have peering with guys you will be exchanging data most
    4 – Have some sort of traffic shaping stuff
    5 – Most importantly, have staff from level 3 to CS, who are trained and have the ability to deal with EU problems.

    If you PTCL is missing any of these then i am afraid PK DSL users are in for a service very similar to Dialup or even worst.

    You would expect much better from a company which is the so called top dog for comms in PK.

  9. muhammad nawaz malik Says:

    hi, i am working with Alcatel-Lucent in Saudi Arabia for DSL bradband as configration and testing engineer. I am looking the same job in Pakistan with PTCL.

  10. dr yasir Says:

    well,my experience with PTCL dsl services has been superb,and its superb.i got the connection in a matter of 6-8 days and then technical team visited my home 2-3 times just to reassure the downloading speed.i get a speed of average 60kb/s download and most of the times its around 90-110 i love ptcl dsl.:-)

  11. dr yasir Says:

    i would surely recommend it to everyone :-)..may be because i am having no problems whatsoever.i even have a wireless router for WLAN on my laptop..the whole setup is just wow.:-)

  12. Tayyab Adeel Says:

    Hi this is adeel from Karachi-Pak,

    currently i am using Cable DSL Connection with a reputed service provider Namely (Fariya Networks), i was wishing to switch my connectin to PTCL DSL for betterment as well as for faster spped, but by reading the above comments of some existing users i decided not to switch.

  13. Jan - Peshawar Says:

    I subscribed to PTCL’s DSL (512k) recently and thankfully I did not encounter any of the problems mentioned by some of you.
    I was previously using GOL. I discontinued it because of a lingering problem with my DSL landline (PTCL).

    PTCL DSL is extremely highspeed, & I guess have just been very lucky! However, the only potential drawback I see is that I’ve noticed their servicemen & technical staff aren’t as “au fait” as the GOL or other private sector DSL services.
    It’s been more than ten days since I am using my new connection and I have no complaints at all. It works like a whistle

  14. Abdullah Says:

    Its great, if you are getting good services from ptcl broadband but if you are not, getting the connection terminated is also big problem.

    I terminated my 512 k connection because of bad service but even after two months i am getting the charges of dsl in my telephone bill. Aah, it is a real problem to go to various ptcl offices and request “Badshah Log” to please update their system that my connection is terminated. However, no success yet.

    So, whether your connection is working good or bad, dont try to terminate it, otherwise……………. Aah, cant say more…

    Good luck ptcl users.

  15. Fox (Peshawar) Says:

    Bullshit! I ordered 1Mbps unlimited Package of PTCL DSL and the max speed i get is 27KB the exchange is just 1 block away from my place, they promised to fix the problem but they cant..
    bunch of morons and yes they have no qualified technical staff
    or who could hook you up for a solution, already hating it because of its lame speed for which i have to pay over 5K.

  16. Faith Says:

    Wateen is offering wimax and its really fast…

  17. Kashif Says:

    frnds y don’t u give a try to Multinet DSL, as their QoS is excellent .. i don’t find any prob till now.

  18. Faisal Says:

    Hi friends ,

    I read all of the above comments , with respect to my experience i have encountered that its been 2 days i have switched from my gemnet cable services to ptcl broadband and i see a significant difference from it .
    upto now its working good as i have package of 256 for my home and i recieve almost 32KB @ downloader , area incharge of market exchange Hyderabad is very much helpful person but i have figured out another situation that activities are logged . i mean that sounds too much stupid that thing like privacy does not exist even in this giant system . Technical aspects have great importance at their place but what about privacy 🙂 when would we get rid of spys ?????????????????????

  19. Faisal Says:

    place like hyderabad needs to have broadband providers and only in this way we can have better quality of services day by day . With respect to GEMNET i just feel pity on the One man show guy who is running it , he used to block different ports yet getting good amount of money from clients along with a typical limited of bandwidth utilization which is 75MB for per day download … lol .. in this internet era see … i dont know about much about wateen as i did not experience it yet and after reading everyone’s comment here i feel i m lucky to have good part of ptcl service at my area .

  20. Imran Says:

    Seems that people only post a comment when they are complaining about PTCL. I know tons of guys very happy with PTCL dsl right now including me 😀

  21. Asim Qureshi Says:

    Well I have worked as a vendor for IPTV, if ure getting connection on old telephone line, i must suggest that buy connection from ONU’s. I made all the IPTV services on ONU’s ready in Quetta, and I must say that it’s far more superior that any competitor, I am basically an optical transmission engineer, and worked on wateen optical transmission also. Well everybody is having his own choice but i bought broadband pakistan

  22. Asif Rizvi Says:

    Well, I agreed all the brainstorming done till now on this thread I guess if you want to choose DSL you must check it out MAX.COM.PK they’ve really cool customer service and after sales also. But in the other hand WATEEN is going to be GIANT in Broadband Future in Pakistan you’ve to pay just 17K rupees for equipment and you’ll get 128KPBS in just 250 rupees per months thats great I’m planning to move on WATEEN soon what you guy z have opinion on that?

  23. Irfan Alvi Says:

    Hi i am from gujranwala.
    Well after reading all the comments and
    experiences about PTCL Broadband by different
    people i think im lucky enough who downloaded
    nearly 4 gb audio & videos ina single month (128kbps)
    with d/l speed varies from 25-40 kbps without any
    problem but still i think in Rs.1200 2GB limit is very
    low offer so for 3 months i would like to Continue with
    PTCL Broadband as its unlimited after that im going
    to switch to Dancom broadband which is DOLS. Guys to check the offer and avalability
    of DSL in ur area visit this link
    What they Offering looks brilliant.And Plz tell me @dialup
    is PTCL charging a new call after 15 min or all these are
    just rumeours.

  24. Fahd Says:

    hi guyz, i think Orascom Telecom(link DSL) giving best Solution..

    Speed Per Month Volume Per Month Monthly Fees
    256 Kbps UnLimited Rs.1200
    512 Kbps UnLimited Rs.2000
    1 Mbps UnLimited Rs.3900

  25. Adeel Says:

    Herelet me clear you guyz about the Wateen Wimax and PTCL Broadband.
    PTCL launched DSL and 85% of there customers are satisfied and happy my self is a user of PTCL DSL and its working superb..yes there were services issuesbut its improving rapidly, even late night at 2:00 i have called at 1236 and the agent lined up with me for 20 mins and fix my problem very professionally.
    About the Wateen i have broght wateen wimax also 512Kbps at Rsaround 6000, i bought it on 17 JAN 08 and till now they didnt come to activate this shit wimax, i have called them hundreds of time email them,even trying to call there ASSHOLE ceo mr tariq. but no action. now in routine i called them and start abusing as much as I can, and there equipment which is 25K of cost with me..
    I also heard these issues with other freinds, Wateen Wimax ispretty failed product..

  26. tanzeel Says:


    guys check out ptcl new dsl rates..

  27. Saifullah Says:

    I am very much feed up from the ptcl wireless, yet the wateen is providing good offer, but yet not available in the Hyderabad jamshoro.

    Today i saw the new advertisement of the neednet dsl services which is working with collaboration of gemnet. Since i read some of blogs here about gemnet i believed this company is not providing good serverice also. I am feed up to use this wireless thing.

    Is there any one who had used the gemnet dsl, please email me at

  28. Saifullah Says:

    I am very much feed up from the ptcl wireless, yet the wateen is providing good offer, but yet not available in the Hyderabad jamshoro.

    Today i saw the new advertisement of the neednet dsl services which is working with collaboration of gemnet. Since i read some of blogs here about gemnet i believed this company is not providing good serverice also. I am feed up to use this wireless thing.

    Is there any one who had used the gemnet dsl, please let me know at ckt82 at

  29. Saifullah Says:

    LOL Thanks I didn’t go with WIMAX thing, I’m thinking to switch over my PTCL wireless with gemnet dsl. I am not sure about how they can provide the dsl stuff if i can waste my 5000 and won’t get good speed it won’t be worth to buy it. I am happy with wireless 250kbs:(

  30. Ayaz Says:

    FUCK PTCL DSL and other Products, they are Robbing

  31. A.Razzaq Says:

    i m the user of PTCL dsl service since last 4 month,service was good for few days,now it has worest service as well as if you register ur complain at 1236 or 18,they satisfied u by sending it to concern section,n concern section did not take any action on ur repeated complain,nobody is serious to solve ur problem,even higher authorities also,i m facing sync/unsync problem almost daily n daily i complain but no body take action,,,,,if u wanna dsl then plz plz dont select ptcl,it is bullshit service

  32. sara Says:

    i agreed wid comments of Mr.razzaq same problem facing but they dont care abt my complaint,every body said inshallah it will resolve tomarrow,but that tomorrow never comes

  33. Naeem Says:

    Hi i am from dadyal azad kashmir did i can use wateen wimax out there and how it works what eqvpment i need calle 03455777339or mail

  34. Qirat Says:

    HI i’m from Lahore, after reading all the views above thought to share mine tooo.I’m using dsl service of Link Dot Net, their service is quite good but the problem relies on my PTCL Line due to which my DSL Modem hardly synchs with it. But when it synchs the internet speed is quite excellent and there is no issue regarding their service. After lots of complaints about synch issue they have finally answered me that the distance b/w my home and Exchange is quite large due to which I’m facing such problem.

  35. Qirat Says:

    Now I’m planning to move to PTCL DSL Service after terminating Link Dot Net..GOD HELP ME!!!

  36. Naeem Says:

    Hello to all
    i am using sco In ajk shit service of the word no choice

  37. linkdotnet Says:

    I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “internet disconnection issues”. The connection session automatically expires after every two minutes. So after reading comments about Wateen telecom, I will switch to Wateen telecom. I hope they will provide high speed with no disconnection issues that Link Dot Net has.

    Anyways, I have written a blog post where I have shared my thoughts about poor services by Link Dot Net. You can read this blog at

    Thanks for your attention.

  38. ali Says:

    ZONG unlimited GPRS & Edge pakage for just 460 Rs is totally fraud. it only work in some areas of rawalpindi and karachi. I activated this connection and they said that i can use in lahore cantonment area but 2 weeks passed now and i can only use this one in lahore shadara area thats all. no service in haripur and no service in abbottabad also. they dont answer calls on their 222 helpline. dont ever take zong . a very bad experience… a nightmare.

  39. Arsalan H Says:

    Hey, I’ve heard a lot of comments about Wateen, heres the scope. I just got Wateen like 3 days ago and i had to retrun it yesterday. I would say their staff personnel are pretty good in terms of responding to your queries and problems. I loved Wateen for a bit because of its cheap price for 1 mb connection but the problem i ran into was that the WiMax device lost signals every 5 minutes or so. Even though the connection was fast it made me feel like im using dialup services … so yeah !! other internet connections are more expensive. Im thinking about either PTCL 512 or Linkdot, any suggestions?
    Multi-net like suggested by someone above is good but the prices are too high, why would i go for internet starting from 1500 when i can get a 512 kb connectionn for 1200, better yet an 850 1 mb connection from wateen

  40. Asad (HYDERABAD) Says:

    hello all

    i m using ptcl 1mb and it is absoultely rotten, its not the ptcl but its all my dsl exchange officer, i read above mr.faisal commenting upon hyderabad market exchange dsl officer,

    now let me tell you my experience with him. And for all of you i would like to let you no that ptcl is very good service but the bad fishes are ur dsl exchange officers,
    no other official can bypass them, if you make any complains to aby higher officials the forward it to ur exchange officer and he is the same person u are having problems with

    my problem

    my router automatically drops speed and wont become normal until restarted my line has a little problem but the dsl officer said its voltage problem i use stabilizer but still same problem and he still says same thing and i know its never a problem of voltage (voltage problem do occurs but it restarts ur router but my speed does not drops in this manner) so now who can i speak with when i have a dead end in from of me. the net router when connects at full speed for 1mb it is at 1085kb/s i get downloading speed above 100kb/c and my router doesnt experience any problems at night after, the problem can be with the line but it isnt that bad (and yes on thing more i router even connects just 50kb/s below normal u will recieve a dead speed). When trying to connect my line problem(it has a cross line problem) i mad 6 -7 time complain and every time call from exchange comes telling me that u should try to live with this bec (i dont know y , may be bec it takes a lot of work of checking the whole line although they repaired it from exchange but problem remians in the line)

    So this is all my problem any practical soultion will be highly appreciated and soory for taking ur extended time.

  41. maha Says:

    Hi USman,

    i dont know why your experiance is not good with Linkdotnet ,as i am very much satisfied user and using it’s 2Mb connection in 3900/0 as comapred to better from PTCL as per spped and Amount as well.

  42. Waleed Says:

    LINKdotNET ROCKS man…
    WOHOO i’m using 1mbit Ldn for Rs.2000,
    its awesome and the modem which they provide “aztec” works like a charm. xD
    bus they promised to give 50kb upload on 1mbit package which they failed 😦 i’m 30kb ul.
    baki download is Imba 122kb/sec 😮

  43. ansar bajwa Says:

    Hi i am from Sialkot.
    Well after reading all the comments and
    experiences about PTCL Broadband and other service providers by different
    people i would like to say PTCl Broadband is a chea p one but till when u dis not face a problem.its technical support is not confidental as private ISP’s like NETSONLINE which is one of the best who provide customer support.only its rate are a little high.its a company of service concious customers.Wateen is also cheap and high in speed.but still facing signal problen in different localities not all over city.

  44. Harib Says:

    sir last 15 days my internet dsl cable could not be response plz check it 1 my address is 79 b block 2 pechs

  45. Masood Ali Says:

    Hi i ma from Gujar khan,
    Any body can tell me that PTCL Hawai wireless can work with DSL.
    Please i am waiting.
    Masood Ali

  46. Naeem Says:


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  48. mohsin shah Says:

    Product Name: IP Telephony
    Date: July 21, 2008
    Contact: Awais Masud
    Location: New Auriga, 4th Floor, Gulberg II- Lahore.
    Telephone: 03214472477

    Purpose of the Document:
    This document represents my understanding about IP Telephony, key features provided by the IP telephony and Value added services provided through Wateen’s platform. It also discusses about the potential segment for Wateen Telecom and Strategies, techniques and tools used or can be used to market the product, and the potential value added services that Wateen Telecom may offer to the customers.

    Additionally it includes the market overview for IP telephony in Pakistan and the competitor’s analysis.

    Product Overview:
    IP telephony is the two-way transmission of voice over a packet-switched IP network. The terms “IP telephony” and “voice over IP” (VoIP) are synonymous. However, the term VoIP is widely used for the actual services offered, while IP telephony often refers to the technology behind it. In addition, IP telephony is an umbrella term for all real time applications over IP, including voice over instant messaging (IM) and videoconferencing.

    IP has become the universal transport for almost all data and video communications worldwide. It is increasingly becoming the infrastructure for voice traffic as well.

    Voice over Data’s History:
    Data was first transmitted over telephone networks, starting in the 1960s, and by the late 1980s worldwide communications traffic had changed from voice to data, and as IP networks began to flourish, the economics of using IP for voice began to emerge.

    Although the backbone of the global telephone network had been converted to digital for some time, the circuit-switched nature of the public switched telephone network is wasteful. One person talks and the other listens, both “to” and “from” channels are always dedicated. In addition, newer voice codec’s cut the digital requirement from the traditional 64 Kbps down to 8 Kbps with respectable quality. Thus, the bandwidth requirement for voice on an IP network is 1/16th that of the PSTN’s dedicated, digital circuits. data routinely traveled over digital voice circuits.

    Varying Quality:
    Starting in the mid-1990s, advertiser-supported, free telephone service from PC to PC or between phones and PCs using the public Internet, especially for international calls. Call quality over the Internet can be erratic because the Internet provides no guarantee of quality of service. However, when an organization has control over its network, quality can be excellent. Private enterprises with their own IP networks, as well as major telcos and IP telephony carriers that have developed IP backbones, can provide voice quality that competes with the traditional PSTN.

    Transport and Signaling:

    IP telephony uses two protocols: one for transport and another for signaling. Transport is provided by UDP over IP for voice packets and either UDP or TCP over IP for signals. Signaling commands that establish and terminate the call as well as provide special features such as call forwarding, call waiting and conference calling are defined in a signaling protocol such as H.323, SIP, MGCP or MEGACO.

    The integration of packet-switched IP with the traditional SS7-based telephone system is a complex undertaking with numerous protocols competing for attention.

    Traditional Phone service versus VOIP:
    Traditionally, phone conversation is converted into electronic signals that traverse an elaborate network of switches, in a dedicated circuit that lasts the duration of a call. In Voice over Internet Protocol, a conversation is converted to packets of data that travel over the Internet or private networks, just like e-mails or web pages, though voice packets get priority status. The packets get reassembled and converted to sound on the other end of the call.

    What do a customer needs:
    The basic thing that’s needed is an Internet connection. One can use a regular phone, as long as it’s connected to an adaptor. Adaptors can link to an entire home’s wiring so adaptors aren’t required at each extension. Companies such as Cisco now make VOIP phones that don’t require adaptors. Phones such as these are provided with. The adaptor to an internet connected router or PC.
    In the case of Wateen the adaptor is the customer premises equipment (CPE). Which is directly connected to the Plain old telephone system (POTS.).

    Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP:
    Advantages Disadvantages
    • It makes long-distance calls less expensive by removing some of the access charges required for use of the public telephone network
    • A user’s physical location also becomes irrelevant.
    • VoIP also enables advanced features — like checking voice mail or programming call-forwarding through a web application. • VOIP services do not work in blackouts.
    • DSL subscribers can’t use it as a primary phone line because they would lose the DSL if they cut off traditional local phone service.
    • VoIP services are only as reliable as the customer’s internet connection. A poor quality connection can lead to voice quality issues.

    Market Scenario:
    Currently there are more than 100 million mobile and fixed line subscribers which are almost 43% of the total population of Pakistan. Currently Pakistan has a population of above 161 million. If we exclude 20% of the poor and 20% children we can get a potential target market of 97 million people. It is seen that poor are more inclined to avail telecom facility hence the market increases to 110 million people. So far the mobile companies have grabbed 61 percent of the potential target market. Similarly the fixed line operators including WLL have covered only 6.6% of the potential target market.
    The potential target market is projected to cross 100 Million by 2010 (PTA report). Hence there is still a huge potential for fixed line, WLL and cellular mobile operators in Pakistan’s market.

    Market Segment Analysis:
    The market can be divided into two different segments:

    1. Residential segment
    2. Corporate segment

    Residential segment:
    Telephone is a basic need of every house. Hence with the advancement of technology, IP telephony is the latest modification in the telecom industry, due to the technological boom in Pakistan, IP telephony service providers are likely to have a great opportunity.

    Wateen being the 1st IPT service provider in Pakistan has the 1st mover advantage, and because of the different vale added services being provided by Wateen, it has an edge over other telephone service providers.

    Corporate segment:
    The largest segment of Wateen’s IP telephony potential market consists of Service Providers and enterprises that are relatively more knowledgeable about the benefits for their businesses and extremely cautious about the satisfaction of their customers, Government agencies that are under pressure to perform better and mid-size businesses that need to focus on their core competencies and reduce capital expenditures.

    The companies which are communication intensive and have to expend a lot on traditional telephony and mobile bills are primarily the first targeted segment for Wateen’s IP telephony.

    As telecommunication is an essential need of almost every business hence there is a large potential target market which includes the folioing:

    • Multinational Organizations
    • Financial institution
    • Aviation Industry
    • Retail and FMCG Industry
    • Governmental organizations
    • Semi government organizations
    • Non governmental organizations
    • Educational sector
    • Real Estate
    • Small and medium enterprises
    • Small offices/ Home offices
    • Hotels
    And many more…

    Unique Selling Points:
    A cost effective solution that fulfills your communication needs.
    Your worker and customer are no more away from you.

    Positioning statement:

    The Wateen’s IP telephony should be positioned as “the industry best service offering, a feature-enrich technology with complete range of value added options available for the user.”

    Why Wateen:

    Wateen has following positives about offering a Hosted Contact Center solution that leverage it with competitive advantage in the market.

    • First Mover Advantage – First Hosted set up in Pakistan
    • In-House operations Expertise
    • Countrywide Media availability, so agents can be placed anywhere
    • Increased Brand awareness
    • Full IP based Customer contact offering, including web, chat, sms etc
    • Flexibility of offering
    • Extensive investments in technology, methodology and people
    • Onsite proactive support available in 22 cities of Pakistan
    • System Integrators with service provider expertise
    • Off-the-shelf solutions
    • Wateen owns media and LDI infrastructure
    • In-house trained HR for operations
    • Complete suite of IP based services

    SWOT Analysis:
    Strengths Weaknesses
    • Wateen’s Brand name
    • Enhanced QoS
    • 1st mover advantage in IP Telephony technology.
    • The 2nd largest LDI operator in Pakistan.
    • Innovative features and Value added services.
    • Financially stable
    • Attractive packages • Low awareness about IP Telephony technology.
    • Knowledge about how to use the product is low
    • As being a wireless technology connectivity is not guaranteed everywhere.
    • Brand name has been disturbed to the failure of WiMax.
    • Initial high cost of CPE/ IP phone.

    Opportunities Threats
    • Launching of Wateen’s calling card
    • Prepaid telephone
    • A big market has yet to be catered
    • Can provide the IP telephone on rental or installment form to reduce high CAPEX at customers end
    • Increase urban households with more disposable income.
    • To convert non Wateen customers to Wateen customers by giving them triple play hence adding value to the services. • Aggressive marketing and decrease in tariffs by the PTCL on various calling plans.
    • Threat of new entrants in the market.

    Value Added Services provided by Wateen:
    • All Hold: All the calls can be on hold when in conference
    • Caller ID: See the number from which you are receiving the call
    • Call transfer: Call can be transferred from one user to another user
    • Transfer calls to voice mail: Call can be transferred to voice mail if the user is not available.
    • Conferencing: Two or more participants in a call.
    • Call forwarding: Calls can be forwarded from one number to another or voicemail when the user wants.
    • Call waiting: Can receive a call while being in a conversation.
    • Do not disturb: The caller hears a busy tone when the do not disturb feature is enabled. Or can directly transfer the call to the voicemail if it’s enabled.
    • Speed dialing: It allows the user to set short codes for frequently used numbers.
    • Black list dialing: It deals with those numbers that the user want to restrict calls to.
    • White list dialing: All the numbers that the user allows to be called.
    • Authorization codes: This allows the users to pass through the restrictions if he is authorized.
    • Call pickup: This feature allows the user to pick up the parked calls.
    • Call park: It allows the user to park calls for another user.
    • Call barring: Call barring is restricting calls.

    Potential Value added services:

    • Three way calling: It allows the caller to call to more than one number at a time.
    • Adding additional lines: This feature allows the user to add additional telephone lines to one number.
    • Free Area Code Selection: the user can select the area code that he wants.
    • Free Number Portability: Allows the user to switch his number from one service provider to another.
    • Follow-me transfers: Call your office phone, cell phone, or home phone at once – whichever answers first gets the call.
    • Toll Free Numbers: Toll free numbers can be provided.
    • Extension dialing: Extensions can be dialed.
    • On Hold Music: The caller hears music when the call is on hold.
    • Call detail record: Allows the corporate telecom manager to receive call detail records on a per-station basis before the monthly telephone bill is even issued.
    • Multiple call appearances: Multiple Call Appearances allow each station to have two or more appearances of the user’s primary phone number. Each appearance gives the user the ability to handle one call.
    • Secondary telephone numbers: Secondary Telephone Numbers allow one or more additional telephone numbers to be assigned to a station.
    • Hunt groups: Allows calls to be redirected to other predetermined lines when the called line is busy. Hunting allows a number of lines to be grouped into a “pool” so that an incoming call is directed to whichever of the lines is available.
    • Call queues: Allows the calls to be queues when the line is busy and the ser receives more than 1 one.
    • Speed dial: Allows you to dial a number by pressing only few digits.
    • Anonymous Call Rejection: rejects all the calls which are anonymous.
    • Call Filter: Automatically filters the unwanted calls.
    • Accidental Disconnect Protection: protects the call to be disconnected automatically.
    • Answer Groups: More than one user can receive the call.
    • Autodial Keys: Call is automatically dialed when specific keys are pressed.
    • Automated Attendant: The call is automatically attended.
    • Custom Call Routing: The call can be routed to other numbers set by the user.
    • System Answer: The system automatically answers the call.
    • Automatic Line Selection: The line is selected automatically if the user is using more than one line.
    • Automatic set relocation assumes.
    • Background Music mp3 streaming or files standard.
    • Unlimited Extensions

    How Wateen’s IP Telephony Works:

    Marketing Strategies:

    According to a research and personal observation, it is found that Wateen’s IP telephony is not being marketed well. Most of the Wateen’s customers do not use Wateen telephony, even if they are offered. The main reason is they do not have the knowledge of how to use it. E.g. when a customer is provided a WiMAX by Wateen, and it is an outdoor unit; he, she is provided with a free IP phone number.

    It should be properly conveyed to the customers that they have an extra telephone if they are using one. They should be given a proper demonstration of how to use the phone. According to a few observations, many Wateen WiMAX users who are provided with a phone number have not even connected a phone line with the CPE. If they are not using have a phone set connected then they would use it for sure, helping Wateen to increase their profit.

    Hence, it should be properly conveyed to the customer, and the telephone set, should be connected to the CPE device, by the SDS team when they are at the customers premises for deployment.

    Wateen’s telephony should be marketed as a separate product of Wateen telecom, at the moment Wateen telecom is just considered as an High speed internet i.e. broadband service provider in the market. A normal potential customer does not know about the telephony services provided by Wateen Telecom.

    Wateen has an edge over other telephone, fixed line, WLL, GSM etc when it comes to the value added services being provided. These services should also be marketed. A need should be created in the market for the telephony related services and products that Wateen is providing, and which are one of the basic strength of Wateen telecom. As being the only IP telephony service provider in Pakistan Wateen can offer many value added services which cannot be offered by other telephone service providers due to the limitation of the traditional technology they are using.

    Sales strategy:

    Wateen has a good relationship with its group companies that may be the potential customers of its IP Telephony solution. However, for developing customers’ base outside the group, Wateen needs to develop relationships with the potential customers and market its product i.e. the IP Telephony.

    It is evident in the hosting telephony industry that some customers advertise the tenders for the quotes of a full telecommunication infrastructure. The Sales and marketing team should be aware of such advertisements and with coordination of the Product Manager they may prepare quotes to offer it. Also Personalized Selling, the predominant selling methodology that exists in the data connectivity market, may also be used to market the Telephony. Key Account Managers along with the IT experts should provide a one-window interface to corporate customers and design customized solutions according to their specific needs.

    So, Wateen Telecom may penetrate the corporate market through multiple sales channels.

    Wateen’s Sales channels
    Following are identified as the major sales channels for Wateen’s products:
    Sales Channel Code
    Wateen Corporate Solutions Team A1
    Wateen Direct Sales Team A2
    Wateen Partners A3

    Each of the above mentioned channels will be involved at different levels of the sales cycle, including lead generation, pre-sales, sales and post sales. These levels of involvements for different product categories are given in the following table.

    Off-the-shelf Products All Channels Help Line
    Semi-Customized Solutions All Channels KAM-Support
    Customized Solutions A1, A2 KAM-Support

    As can be seen, lead generation can be performed by any channel and each will be compensated accordingly (details of this compensation are in section entitled “incentives” below). Generating sales leads through multiple channels will encourage cross-selling so that every channel has an incentive to improve the overall top line of Wateen,
    Sales Incentives
    Sales incentives are a major tool to push and improve sales and needs careful consideration. The main points that need to be taken into account when making an incentive plan are:
    1. Focus on Push vs. Pull marketing strategies
    2. Bargaining power of the channel
    3. Value addition of the channel
    4. Prevalent commission structures in the market
    5. Minimizing channel conflict


    Economics continues to drive the IT industry. Now there are technologically effective alternatives to Plain old telephone systems.

    Wateen Voice is being brought to market one of the first IP based telephony to deliver a highly cost effective solution for companies of all sizes.

    Wateen voice is in an excellent position to provide highly competitive solution for those companies who desire to avoid the complexity of operating cost. Monthly fee payment option will be making it possible for any company to utilize Wateen’s telephony offer to its users within days. The overview of the target market elicits wide extent of opportunity for Wateen to exploit and yield economic returns offering IP telephony as discussed.


    Key Terms

    VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is a protocol (set of rules) which allows voice to travel over the internet. The kind of switching used is packet switching. It is also referred to the actual transmission of voice which is the basic concept of IP Telephony, broadband telephone, internet telephone, voice over broadband etc.
    VoIP-to-VoIP phone calls are sometimes free, while VoIP calls connecting to public switched telephone networks (VoIP-to-PSTN) may have a cost that is borne by the VoIP user. VoIP systems carry signals as digital audio, which are reduced in data rate using the speech data compression technique.

    Soft switch:
    A soft switch is a central device in a telephone network which connects calls from one phone line to another, entirely by means of software running on a computer system. This work was formerly carried out by hardware, with physical switchboards to route the calls.

    Public Switched Telephone Network is the network of fixed-line analog telephone systems, the PSTN is now almost entirely digital, and now includes mobile as well as fixed telephones.

    The IP multimedia subsystem or internet multimedia subsystem is an architectural framework of delivering IP multimedia over mobile systems.
    IMS is a core to which different application servers are attached for example Sylantro(Voice) , Iperia(Voice Mail) , Ubiquity(conferencing) etc.

    • Sylantro: Most of the application and value added services are provided by Sylantro.

    • Iperia: Iperia is the specific voice mail application server.

    • Ubiquity: It is the voice conferencing server. Initiates conferences on a large scale.

    • HSS: Home Service subscriber is the database of customers, all the data of the customers is extracted and updated in HSS.

    Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. MPLS operates at an OSI Model layer that is generally considered to lies between Data Link Layer and Network Layer, and thus is often referred to as a “Layer 2.5” protocol. It was designed to provide a unified data-carrying service for both circuit-based clients and packet-switching clients. It can be used to carry many different kinds of traffic, including IP packets, as well as native ATM, SONET, and Ethernet frames.

    Packet switching:
    Packet switching is a communications method in which packets (discrete blocks of data) are routed between nodes over data links shared with other traffic. In each network node, packets are queued or buffered, resulting in variable delay. This contrasts with the other principal paradigm, circuit switching, which sets up a limited number of constant bit rate and constant delay connections between nodes for their exclusive use for the duration of the communication.

    Circuit switching:
    circuit switching network is a network that establishes a fixed bandwidth circuit between nodes and terminals before the users may communicate, as if the nodes were physically connected with an electrical circuit. The bit delay is constant during the connection, as opposed to packet switching, where packet queues may cause varying delay. There is a common misunderstanding that circuit switching is used only for connecting voice circuits. The concept of circuit switching can be extended to other forms of digital data. Dedicated path still remains between two communicating parties and rest of the procedure remains same as voice circuits.

    Next Generation Networking (NGN) is term to describe some key architectural evolutions in telecommunication core and access networks that will be deployed over the next 5-10 years. The general idea behind NGN is that one network transports all information and services that is voice, data, and all sorts of media such as video by bundling them into packets, like it is on the Internet. NGN’s are commonly built around the Internet Protocol.
    A Next Generation Network (NGN) is a packet-based network able to provide services including Telecommunication Services and able to make use of multiple broadband, QoS-enabled transport technologies and in which service-related functions are independent from underlying transport-related technologies. It offers unrestricted access by users to different service providers. It supports generalized mobility which will allow consistent and ubiquitous provision of services to users.
    In a NGN there is a more defined separation between the transport (connectivity) portion of the network and the services that run on top of that transport. This means that whenever a provider wants to enable a new service, they can do so by defining it directly at the service layer without considering the transport layer – i.e. services are independent of transport details. Increasingly applications, including voice, will tend to be independent of the access network (de-layering of network and applications) and will reside more on end-user devices (phone, PC, Set-top box).
    Triple play:
    In telecommunications, the triple play service is a marketing term for the provisioning of the two broadband services, high-speed Internet access and television, and one narrowband service, telephone, over a single broadband connection. Triple Play focuses on a combined business model rather than solving technical issues or a common standard.

    IP Phone:
    An IP phone uses Voice over IP technologies allowing telephone calls to be made over the internet instead of the ordinary PSTN system. The phones use protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol. IP phones can be simple software-based Soft phones or purpose-built hardware devices that appear much like an ordinary telephone or cordless phone or an ATA (analog telephony adapter) which allows to reuse ordinary PSTN phones. One of the primary motivations for implementing such a system is the lower calling cost. When calling other IP phones over the internet one only pays for the usually fixed cost internet bandwidth.
    It may have many features an analog phone doesn’t support, such as e-mail-like IDs for contacts that may be easier to remember than names or phone numbers.

    The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol, widely used for setting up and tearing down multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the Internet. Other feasible application examples include video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information and online games.
    The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party or multiparty sessions consisting of one or several media streams. The modification can involve changing addresses or ports, inviting more participants, adding or deleting media streams, etc.
    The SIP protocol is situated at the session layer in the OSI model, and at the application layer in the TCP/IP model. SIP is designed to be independent of the underlying transport layer; it can run on TCP, UDP, or SCTP.

  49. mohsin shah Says:

    Profile of Abu Dhabi Group

    Wateen Telecom is a part of Warid Telecom International LLC, an Abu Dhabi Group company led by His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan. The group is one of the largest in the Middle East and has diversified business interests comprising oil and gas exploration, hospitality services, communications, banking, financial services, automobile industry and property development. The group has large investments and a strong presence in Pakistan.

    Owing to the significant patronage from the Abu Dhabi Group, Wateen Telecom, as part of the Warid Telecom International Group Company, benefits from an eminent portfolio of distinguished shareholders of Warid Telecom International L.C.C including:

     His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Minister for Higher Education and Chancellor of the UAE Universities.

     His Excellency Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahayan, Chamberlain of the Royal Amiri Courts and Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi.

     His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Member of the
    Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Prime Minister of UAE.

     His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad Bin Butti Hamid Al Hamid, Ruler Representative for the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Ex Chairman of Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning.

     His Excellency Dr. Mana Saeed Al Otaiba, Advisor to the President of UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi (His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan) and Ex Oil Minister of UAE.

     Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari, Director United Bank Limited,
    Pakistan; President and CEO of United Technical Services, Abu Dhabi; President and CEO of United Eastern Investment Corporation; Director of Fruit of the Loom quoted on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Wateen Telecom’s majority shareholder, the Abu Dhabi Group, is the single largest foreign investor group in Pakistan. The group has diverse business interest across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    Abu Dhabi Group’s majority investments outside the Middle East are:

     Alfalah Exchange Company – a fully licensed exchange company.

     A joint venture between Bank Alfalah Limited and GHP Financial Services Ltd. (Switzerland) – in the business of fund management.

     Alfalah Insurance Company – a general insurance company.

     Bank Alfalah Limited – the fifth largest and fastest growing private bank in Pakistan with over 160 branches all over the country.

     Raseen is a company that develops and markets software and applications for mobile and fixed telecommunication networks.

     Taavun (Pvt.) Ltd. – a joint venture between the Government of Punjab and Abu Dhabi Group, focusing on property and real estate development.

     United Bank Limited – the third largest private bank in Pakistan (major shareholding)

     Warid Telecom Pakistan – the third largest and fastest growing mobile GSM Company in Pakistan.

     Warid Telecom Bangladesh – the latest license for mobile GSM services in Bangladesh.

     Warid Telecom Congo Brazzaville – the latest full communication operator including GSM mobile, WiMAX and infrastructure.

     Wateen STM – a leading regional VSAT provider.

    In Pakistan the group companies are:
     Bank Alfalah

     Alfalah Credit Cards

     United Bank Limited

     Warid Telecom (PVT) Ltd.

     Wateen Telecom (PVT) Ltd.

     CNBC Pakistan

     Alfalah Securities (PVT) Ltd.

     Alfalah GHP Investment Mgt. Ltd

     Alfalah Insurance Company Ltd.

     Warid International Bangladesh

     Taavun (PVT) Ltd.

     Lake City.

     Alfalah Housing Society

     Central Model School

     Wincom (PVT) Ltd.

  50. mohsin shah Says:


    Fixed Line Telephony:

    Wateen now provides a high quality, hassle-free substitute to the traditional landline for homes and offices, over our cutting edge, high tech, state-of-the-art network. Just imagine a service with no more static & disturbance in your line after heavy rains and no more service outages due to digging on the roads outside. Enjoy Wateen’s innovative packaging & highly competitive rates while experiencing crystal clear voice.

    Other than standard features such as CLI and Call Waiting, enrich your experience by choosing from amongst a host of other options, such as ‘Call Restrictions’ and ‘Black List/White List’, etc.

    Virtual PBX:

    Wateen’s Virtual PBX product is the perfect solution for providing your business with the corporate outlook you have always desired, giving you complete PBX functionality, without ever investing in one.

    Abbreviated Internal Dialing & Voice Conferencing are some of the few features which can be availed, both by single-location and multi-site business to integrate their operations under a ‘Virtual Office’, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. New locations can be easily added and our easy to use System Admin Portal gives you all the independence you need to run your business efficiently.

    Voice Conferencing:

    Wateen’s voice conferencing server provides a high-end conferencing solution to our business users. Eliminating common problems such as ‘loudness’ and ‘echo’, our server also makes it possible for a large number of attendees to participate. With a simple web-based, online portal for initiating and managing conferences, we give you the independence you need to operate smoothly.

    Whether you are a Vice President at a bank, desirous of holding weekly conference calls with all your Regional Managers every Monday morning, or a corporate attorney wishing to finalize the terms of a contract with your counterparts at a supplier based in Europe, our Voice Conferencing solution will add a much appreciated tinge of productivity to your work routine.

    Video Telephony:

    Video capability is another key service offering of Wateen Telecom that caters to enterprise and corporate markets. Our high quality Video Calling product provides an innovative means of communication, which helps in connecting geographically discounted offices to get the most out of your business, and also for staying in touch with your loved ones.—it’s just like being there yourself!

    Wateen Video Calling gives you the ability to connect physically dispersed branches of high quality, interactive, visual communication.


    Wateen will be offering cellular-mobile packages as part of the complete communication solution. Our mobile communication service offers mobility at competitive prices; and is a perfect solution for today’s fast paced life. Wateen gives you access to Warid Telecom’s large On –Net family, and Pakistan’s largest postpaid mobile customer base. Benefits from our innovative packages, unrivaled connectivity and quality of service—a mobile connection that is true value for money!


    Wateen now provides you with an innovative solution that lets you send & receive faxes while on the move. Faxes sent on a Wateen E-Fax number are forwarded to your e-mail inbox enabling you to receive your faxes anywhere in the world, even when you’re traveling.

    This allows you to archive all your important faxes and eliminates the possibility of lost faxes and compromised confidentiality arising from sharing fax machine. You will be given a personal fax number, which doesn’t need to be shared with anybody else, and also the ability to show a presence in Pakistan, while not being physically present here.

    Premium Rate Numbers

    Premium Rate Numbers open a world of information and entertainment – sports updates, voting, and business information services, recreational services and charitable donations. The money paid for these services is shared between the telephony company carrying the services and the organization providing the content.

    Calling Accounts & Calling Cards:

    Welcome to the world of hassle-free nationwide and international calling. With Wateen Telecom’s corporate and home account packages, staying in touch has never been easier or cheaper. Our Calling Accounts are a complete calling solution with both postpaid & prepaid billing modes, offering substantial savings for our customers. Connect to every destination in the competitive pricing, while accessing your prepaid or postpaid account from any PTCL landline across Pakistan.

    International Gateway:

    The doorway for all international traffic, Wateen’s International Gateway is the intelligence behind all international calls. It consists of a high capacity robust telecom infrastructure based upon redundant undersea cable and VSAT links. Wateen’s International Gateway is connected via an intricate network topology to leading telecom operators all over the world, thus ensuring the highest level of availability and competitive pricing, without compromising on quality.

    Wateen’s International Gateway is specifically tailored to provide international wholesale traffic termination for other telecom operators, as a carrier’s carrier.


    Wateen provides Broadband Internet solutions for public and private enterprises, semi-government organizations, manufacturing concerns, educational institutions, small office (SOHO) and home users.

    Wateen’s internet is a reliable, always –connected, high-speed Broadband Internet service targeted at the needs and budgets of businesses. Whenever your business requires scalability, Wateen will have your Broadband Internet ready and optimized within 48 hours.

    Wateen broadband solution is not limited to a certain platform. Wateen provides broadband solution on different platforms such as WiMAX Optical Fiber networks, VSAT, as well as DSL, and guarantees speed, security and reliability on all platforms.

    The broadband experience of Wateen Telecom encompasses the following values added services:

     Service level Agreements customized according to your needs.

     Wireless nomadic broadband connectivity

     Speed ranging from 128 Kbps to 2 Mbps

     Unlimited downloads on a flat, monthly rate

     Always connected – 24 hours a day

     24×7 Technical Customer Support

     Bundled services such as data and telephony eliminate the hassle that comes with multiple billing

     The ability to penetrate remote locations cost effectively, since customer don’t have to rely on ISPs that depend on third-party copper infrastructure

     A one-window operation for all internet, telephony and data related issues

     Secured VPN Solutions

    TV and Multimedia:

    Wateen Telecom’s TV Broadband and Multimedia Service* offers high-quality analog and digital video channels, gaming and interactive TV services to its valued subscriber base.

    *Currently this service is only available in DHA Lahore through FTT(X) network and will expand to other areas and cities shortly.

    FTT(X) (Fiber to the X) is a telecommunication industry term which incorporates the use of optical fiber to create a broadband network. It has been successfully deployed by cable operators since the 1990s all over the world. Wateen FTT(X) networks is designed to ensure the highest level of reception along with maximum bandwidth and voice quality.

    Through the FTT(X) cable service Wateen will be offering the following services:

    Analog TV:

     90+ local and international satellite channels

     In-house channels ranging from movies to music, to drama / series, kids and lots more focusing on every segment of the society.

    Digital TV:

     Over 100 digital crisp TV channels – local and international satellites channels.

     Exciting in house channels

     EPG – Electronic Program Guide with Online program reminders

     Interactive TV such as Video on demand and Pay per view.

     Parental Control and a host of other interactive features for a complete family viewing experience.

    Wateen also intends to expand its TV and broadcast media over the DTH platform which is a satellite platform providing customized and quality programming to its subscribers; not just giving them choice of channels but also enabling them to empower their TV viewing through interactive television.

    Secured Data Networks:

    In today’s changing economic environment, information technology has become an important source of competitive advantage. With the rapid transition from the legacy IT infrastructure operating on a slow dial up connection to a more robust and sophisticated architecture, secure bandwidth availability is becoming a vital requirement. Various applications performing low end automation such as data sharing to more complex tasks like data warehousing and data mining rely on real-time information update from geographically dispersed sites and users. These applications are increasingly becoming ‘data-hungry’ as front-end tools become more elaborate and complex. Wateen provides a complete end-to-end (e2e) solution for data connectivity to customers and offers resilience through a variety of last mile technologies spanning:

     WiMAX

     OFC (Long Haul and Metro)

     VSAT

     DSL

    As a “one stop shop” for all your connectivity needs, Wateen is committed to adding value to your business. Several key examples are outlined below that provide a clear understanding of how Wateen can service different market segments:

     Banking and Financial Services – Safely and securely connecting a financial institution’s headquarters, the entire branch network, alternate delivery channels, and most importantly your customers.

     Manufacturing – Bringing you, your suppliers, your distributors, your sales channels and all your customers online in real time as securely and reliably as never before.

     Retail and Distribution – Bringing information to your doorstep from across the country at the speed of light and keeping you informed and always connected to your databases and people.

     Government and Public sector – Helping you to reach out to your stakeholders, internal and external, enabling the dream of citizen services become a reality. Sustaining confidentiality and security of information transmitted from one place to another e.g. telemedicine, distance learning, research collaboration, and virtual classrooms, etc.

     Communications and Media – Gearing you to deliver “Breaking News” faster than you imagine. Clear and crisp, voice and video delivered on time supported by a broadcast quality network.

     Education and Social Services – Create, store and access information from anywhere, anytime. Manage your resources as if you were physically there in multiple locations at the same time making education / e-lecturing available to all.

     Information Technology & Call Centers – Giving you the reliability you always craved for and taking you to places you always wanted to go. Delivering cost-effective solutions thus lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
     Security & Surveillance Operators – Delivering critical information ‘live’ in real time to serve your customers more effectively, across the country 24x7x365, from anywhere, anytime.

     Small and medium Enterprise (SME) – Making connectivity affordable, and assisting you to be always available to your customers, by bringing your customers closer to you.

    Delivering triple-play connectivity services that are responsive, flexible, reliable and Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven, including telephony, data & internet, video and multimedia, and telecommunication solutions covering data centers, disaster recovery sites, IP Call Centers, telecom infrastructure integration, etc.

    Managed Solutions:

    Managed Security and Surveillance Services:

    Wateen’s Security and Surveillance Services provide a comprehensive solution for traffic management and premises security for all segments of the market – government, enterprise and consumers. Utilizing its expertise in License Plate Recognition and Street Level and Perimeter Surveillance, Wateen services can be a safety net for corporations against intruders as well as act as a definitive method for capturing people going against the law. Consumers are ensured a peace of mind with the cutting-edge surveillance services.

    Managed Tele-housing and Co-location Facilities:

    Wateen Telecom’s international standard Tele-housing Facilities provide quality service to customers 24x7x365. Our Tele-housing facility is regionally placed and provides secure, well-connected, gigabit switched Ethernet connection/IP routing, fully managed air-conditioned environment with physical rack space, and dual-redundant mains power to ensure uptime of all components and systems at any given time.

    Managed Data Center, Hosting and Disaster Recovery (DR):

    Wateen Telecom offers Managed Data Canter, Hosting and DR Service for businesses that require a complete outsourcing solution to eliminate the costs and maintenance issues of hardware and operating system ownership, comprehensive hosting and management of their storage and secure access to their servers from remote locations. A complete and comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution is part of our value added services to reduce your exposure and vulnerability, help protect your mission-critical operations against diverse downtime threats, and ease your recovery if an unforeseeable disaster strikes.

    Managed IP Contact Center:

    Managed IP contact centers combine traditional call center features with IP communications and affordable, flexible cost models. It offers a considerable advantage to sales, marketing, and customer Relationship Management (CRM) departments, because they allow cost-effective customer support through integrated workflows for e-mail, phone, web, instant messaging, fax, and other personal or automated form of contact. The requirement for a varied number of agents and enhanced functionality shall be bundled on demand i.e. whenever needed.

    Professional Services & Value Added Reselling (VAR):

    Our professional Services team includes highly qualified consultants and experienced projects managers with subject matter expertise in the focused technologies areas covering a range of industry sectors including telecommunications, financial services, government, education, manufacturing, oil, gas & utilities. Our Professional Services deliver customized services for the planning, designing, implementation and optimization of solution based on business needs of the customer.

    The convergence of data, voice, video technology and the growing demand for secure access and networking services are driving a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Wateen has strategic alliance with global players to deploy reliable networking infrastructure to run mission critical applications meeting the business needs of today. We have solid partnerships with industry leading vendors namely Cisco System, Polycom, Sunrise Telecom, Alcatel, Schmid, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, IBM, CA and Sitronics. We add value by reselling their products backed by skilled and low cost localized deployment and maintenance services.

    Wateen Portal:

    Wateen’s portal is a dynamic one-point access platform that functions across three channels:

    1) Web

    2) Mobile

    3) Television

    Across these three channels, users can avail an extensive range of interactive facilities and services such as access to account information, facility to submit bills securely via credit cards, conduct secure online transactions, review channels listings and schedules; read or create blogs, participate in discussions, send sms, share and download audio and video (ring tones, songs, movies); play state-of-the-art multiplayer games and download cellular games.

    Our next generation services include our Security & Surveillance service. This specialized service enables customers to monitor their homes, offices or any other location from anywhere in the world. Subscribers can configure the system to trigger an alarm in case of intrusion.

    We are also geared to provide video surveillance solutions to government agencies, communities, corporate and industrial sector. This will not only facilitate surveillance but also to play a pivotal role in making these places safe and secure.

    Wateen intends to continue to add to its impressive portfolio services and tools that are contemporary, revolutionary and empower the individual.

  51. Sumaira Says:

    Hi ! i’m having GOL services. i’m very much satisfied with this company. one thing i should clear here that GOL is more than other ISPs even more than PTCL …

  52. u5man4 Says:

    ppl plz dont get wateen i beg u… i have gone thru tooo much from wateen’s non sence and in the end i was in loss of 10000rs … jus dont get it

  53. Nouraiz Says:

    hi frndz…. let me share my xperience.
    on 14 may 2008 i ordered PTCL 512 k konnektion by calling 1236…. but nothing happened and even after a MONTH they told me that my konnektion is in process,,,,

    SO then i went to their xchange and their they told me that its the distance frm my blok to xchange is more.

    i just told the PTCL revenue officr that….Yaar tention na daaal agar mujay konektion mil sakta hai tou btao ya agar kutch ho sakta hai tou bta warna seedhee baat krna mai yeh konektion loon ya na loon…baad mai koi masla nhe hona chaheyeh

    the officer told me to get a new line from other xchange of ptcl and get Optikal fibr…. not the copper wire

    and since then i am using the ptcl broadband service and the service is superb

    get around 50–60 upload and download…..

    i em happy with it

    the thing i want to tell you is their customer care….. and it is very bad…on helpline the staff is qualified but the other men are just the line men like and dont even know abt PC.

    i em using it frm three months the distannce from my home to xchange is abt 3–4 Km
    quaite large distance but still i em facing no prob

    just learnt to set up the rout myself and whenever i dont get the proper speed i just re configer the router from their s router site.


  54. Nouraiz Says:

    N joy n let other ppl Njoy

  55. Dr. Bilal Fazal Says:

    Hi there, any PTSL DSL user in Latifabad hyderabad???

  56. Amy Says:

    Hello everyone out there..
    Pretty nice place for venting your anger on PTCL’s broadband service! lol

    I am using PTCL wireless for internet but the service is deteriorated and too expensive.. even more than they actually say. That’s really disgusting! Well I placed my order for PTCL DSL in the mid of Sep, got a call from them with in 7-8 days but its still not up! The man they send is just a stupid guy who don’t even know how to operate a computer properly! Since then I’m trying to fix the problem on my own expenses by sending it to a computer shop.
    I can pretty much relate to Khwaja Naveed’s response.. Its been a month and the service is still not up and I’m sure still I’ll get the bill attached with my monthly PTCL bill! (They are pretty quick at it! eh.. ) Had I read it before I’d have rather opted for LinkDotNet.

  57. Roxio Says:

    I wonder if Micronet Broadband in Pindi or any other DSL providers allows the use of broadband phone adapter to be used in Pakistan to call US

  58. moonlightafridi Says:

    I was user of cybernet DSL. and also used the PTCL DSL but non of them is satisfy me ,
    I am using now wateen Wimax . at starting I had much more problem in wimax serivce but it better now , mostly the wateen wimax service is good + with some time trouble.

  59. Ali Raza Bhangwar Says:

    I came to know about PTCL Braod Band and thought that it is best for to take me away of going to cafe, as I applied for PTCL Brad Band students Pacage and got an Application ID. I applied for it since 28th of last month and yet could not got my facility. I complained for it at 1236 but they only waste the time of pepoles they even dont know how to solve the probles if some one had I think that the are totally uneducated persons they only recieve complains and discuard them in dustbin. I advise all dont apply for BroadBand because they only waste your time.

  60. Ayesha Says:

    Hi Moon,
    I am using Wateen wimax and agreed with your opnion but i also tried LINKdotNET DSL ,it’s really giving me desired speed and good services.
    i comr to know this when i tried LINkdotNET new Service”SMS4NET” for Dialup,because i was facing problem through wateen and tried SMS4NET services in urgency which i find through LDN

    thats why i start using LDN DSL too and it’s really good.

  61. mahjabeen Says:

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  62. Dr.Asif Manzoor Raja Says:

    Hello everyone! i am using PTCL DSL and It did took me a month to get it but ever since I got it I am satisfied……….. Maybe we all have different experiences that’s all.

  63. fahad Says:

    hey i m using micronet dsl……1mbps……and down speed is 110kbps….is what normal…..??

  64. fahad Says:

    and i m thinking to shift to ptcl….and the exchange is abt 5km away from ma home…….and micronet is also connected to me via that exchange……what do u guys say….??

  65. chatroh Says:

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  66. Says:

    Please Wateen for God Sake Roll out, PTCL is a very normal service provider, at a very low cost one can bear these faults, but when you are paying manytimes greater price you have to have an ultimate thing, Wateen is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE of OUR TIME, 802.16e is totally unmatured technology, wateen thinks Pakistanis are stupids, and they are, lolx, Wateen Senior mangers and Heads are jerks and Goofs, the most low grade, and unethical engineers and managers, Mr. Tariq why dont you screw Your Heads and SMs, they have already gobbled a lot of money!!

  67. Says:

    PTCL is getting 5000 applications per week and the problem is that PTCL has already shed its 36 thousand employees last, year, there are only 4.4 million subscribers left and it is now very difficult for PTCL to cater, but really PTCL’s come back should be admired, and good news for PTCL Broadband subscribers is that those who have got the Broad band connections will get 1MB insted 512KB, at 1/8th of the price to that of Sucking Wateen connection.

  68. pagal Says:

    PTCL sucks big time…this shit doesnt even stream utube properlt on a 1mbps connection…HATE PTCL!

  69. Stone Cold 3:16 Says:

    well ratio of success subscriber is 25% ,
    in my opinion i have lots of frnds using PTCL DSL ..some are having problem of Downloading..and some ov having problem extra charge and wrong billing..yup my frnd got 4500 extra charge for nothing..and they admit they send the wrong bill but they dont wanna fix it.. they are insisting please pay Next time aisa nai ho ga !!,,well at the end my expcet one all switch to wateen and Linkdot net

    i can say that..wateen is now proving good service ..
    i have prepaid account 512K 10GB limit..

  70. mishal Says:

    i agreed with these people that ptcl is a cheap now a days and ptcl wireless is really expensive when using it with internet.

  71. ali Says:

    guys u all are giving such a beautifullllll remarks…….

  72. MJ Says:

    (PTCL JUST SUCKS) everyone is talking about ptcl , what about dsl its also avalible in pakistan (BAHI OoOo) if ur not satisfied with ptcl ,i recomend use its cool also, cuz the problem i got on geting my ptcl dsl connection that , 1. that my colage name is not in there list ,(i segust ptcl that plz ,make ur institution list a little big , not that but also ,atleast includes top universities and colages etc. ,ok for this prob. i have used my frnd,s registartion to apply who is studing in AIOU .(its huge prob think but thanx to my briliant MIND) 2. tWO days later after givening order , a cal came from ,my area,s phone exchange they said that (ur dsl cannt be issued cuz ,there are no cables fitted in ur area ,(AND THAT,s THE BULLSHIT ) WHEN i heard that ,i was thinking that IS THIS PAKISTAN,S LARGEST COMPANY.(MAY ALLAH HELP US IN GETING GOOD SERVICES THE ONLY PRAY WHAT I PRAY) ,THEN ,i think to switch to which have ,lines in my area(PTCL JUST SUCKS)

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  76. parkpost Says:

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  77. Sohaib Says:

    ptcl,wateen both sucks !!! cable net rocks !!

  78. mobile computer repair Says:

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  79. ashraf rana Says:

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    mujhe DSL internet connection chahiey kisi bhi company ka……………………thanks and waiting


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  81. Aamir Says:

    Hi, gyz nd glaz
    im Aamir frm Karachi: im using PTCL DSL service since last 2 month,im facing many Problem all at time like landline problem,Modem Ploblem etc,now it has worest service as well as if you register ur complain at 1236 or 18,they satisfied u by sending it to concern section,n concern section did not take any action on ur repeated complain,nobody is serious to solve ur problem,even higher authorities also i complain but no body take any action,,,,,if u wanna dsl then plz plz dont select ptcl,it is bullshit service

    so i hav decided to block my DSl Connetion as very sooon.
    every budy can ask me how is it posible to block this bullshit service.

  82. Digit Magzine Says:

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  83. shujaat Says:

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  86. hview Says:

    as worth my time ptcl is motherfucker as well as zardari.

  87. Sohail Says:

    Toady 03-05-2010 I return back to my DSL Modem to Defence telephone exchange due to improper service.
    I lodge my first complain on 23-04-2010 or 24-04-2010 and than after every day I lodge my complain about the improper work of my DSL,But nobody give me satisfactory reason, Some times they blamed to Modem setting and sometimes due to telephone exchange technical fault,
    Helpline service is very bad for talk to operator/technical staff need an hour, Plaese check the data from my call history of my landline 021 35387699 and cell phone 0333 3685566 for confirmation, Every time after a long wait some times 58 minutes and more than an hour I didn’t get any positive result, Today I visit to Defence telephone exchange at about 9 AM but no DSL staff was there, The DSL staff come on duty after 10 AM and after that they told me that they have not received any complain about my DSL from the concern department.
    Sir, What is this joke ? I expense couple of hours from my cell phone and PTCL landline to register my complains but no one if forward my complain to the DSL staff, Today I left my DSL modem after improper answer at telephone exchange,
    Now my modem is lying in the Defence telephone exchange and What may I do ? What is the solution ?
    Please exchange my modem with a proper working modem or disconnect my DSL service if the PTCL staff is not interested to give me DSL facility from our company
    I hope I will get the reply soon

  88. Omi Says:

    Hi every one who have enjoyed ptcl 😀

    I am also having same problems.But what is the solution tried every internet service of pakistan and using ptcl for 6 months but yet this is not working as internet have to work.Some time sys pb some time internet light pb in modem some time this and some time my fault that i have ptcl connection.Problems are in every network but the worst pb of ptcl is this they don’t have good customer relation call center’s.The organization is made up off there customer’s and ptcl have large amount of customer’s so they treat customer like a junk stuff.In last i can tell ptcl is privatized but still like drama OFFICE OFFICE if anyone have seen that they will realized what ptcl is.

    Thanks all.

  89. Funny Stuff Says:

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