Paktel Revives Marketing

Paktel is reviving its marketing. In a show of ‘newage’ factor of the company, it has come up with a series of animated clips and talks about mobile manners. Such tangential approach, if sustained for a good amount of time, would generally work very effectively towards lifting Paktel’s recent past marketing pitches where they talked about ‘paisas’ and ‘seconds’ and being ‘the cheapest’.

The ads are fun to watch:

I wonder if these animations have been produced in Pakistan or have been ‘imported’.


7 Responses to “Paktel Revives Marketing”

  1. Teeth Maestro Says:

    Thanks for sharing these – I must agree mobile manners needs to be drummed into the minds of our country men. They are practically non-existent, from the educated all the way to the uneducated all behave exactly the same

  2. X --- Says:

    these are local.
    the company responsible for this is probably sharpimages.

    they are doing some international animations too btw..

  3. Atif Says:

    These animations are nicely made and convey the message across effectively.

  4. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Cool ads. Thanks for sharing – can’t resist to steal them for my blog 🙂

  5. State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan » Mobile Manners Ad Campaign By Paktel Says:

    […] to TM for sharing these at his blog. I loved these ads for their topic, message, presentation, and […]

  6. INSIA Says:

    how can i save these videos?

  7. Sharjeel Says:

    ^ Go to and add the url of the youtube video and it will download it for you.

    So i ended up here following the ‘show linking sites’ feature on youtube. Glad you guys liked these ads (no i’m not taking credit for them). Its funny how videos travel around. I downloaded these off desitorrents couple years ago and then one day decided to upload em on youtube.

    So back to the commericals, i think they’re great. They’re all hillarious especially the ghazal and road one. Love how the khan sahab goes “Is nay humaara raksha ka batti tora!” lol.

    My personal fav is the masjid one. Like the ‘soft’ and mellow theme. Birds chirping, ambient noises, sound of the adhaan etc. Been out of pakistan ten years now. Not that i went to the masjid alot but its a very nostalgic feeling rushing for namaz, doing wudu and running across the marble floors to join the jamat in the evening.

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