Worldcall Wireless in Karachi

Worldcall has banners up in various parts of the city announcing the availability of their wireless local loop service which was anticipated since May 2007. The advertisements say free local call, free nationwide calls (presumably on their own network), 85 paisa per minute to US/UK and 10 paisa/min for WLL based Internet. The service is running off Huawei’s equipment.

CDMA based WLL services have already seen earlier players like Telecard and PTCL and have drawn a mixed response in terms of service standard quality. The ‘free on-net’ calling phenomenon which was triggered by Telecard (and is now being followed by Worldcall too) has found some loyal subscribers. I regularly spot shop owners in various localities of the city keeping a ‘Go CDMA’ phone as part of their communication arsenal and most of the time, the end user is doing the ‘least cost routing’ – finding the service that provides the cheapest service to reach the particular end number.

However, with a very high/healthy tele-density that is regularly being cited in anything good is to be said about Pakistan and a stiff competition and friction between DSL providers, it looks like that Worldcall as a late entrant in this digital communication race in Karachi would be having a tough time at best.

Performance of the reported availability of EvDO services on this network would be worth observing. If you have a review of the service, please post it in the comments.


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  1. ansab Says:

    i want to know that what is the procedure to use worldcal number in mobile outside the pakistan

  2. Rashid Says:

    Dear sir i want to know the coverage of world call in Pakistan and how much it is expensive ?

  3. Iqbal Uddin Ansari Says:

    HUM Securities ltd.
    shadman branch
    Tel: 021-6979160-6979161

    Dear Sir,
    we would like get your dsl service in north karachi as soon as possible, according to our information you are not allowed to our required location, please gave us dsl 256kb.

  4. Shafiq Rehman Says:

    I am using worldcall wireless in Lahore. Its not that bad but their customer service really sucks.

  5. Muhammad Tariq Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Me using world call in karachi, I feel sory to say u hv not clearly mentioned the rates.
    like i use ur internet service as per ur advertisement the rates are Rs 6 per hour actually it is Rs 12 per hour
    is this not a frad with the public.
    pls clarify

  6. nigar Says:

    i just want informatiom like dat can i use worldcall service in uk for pakistan bscause i have a worldcall service in a call free from worldcall to is dis possible.

  7. Omar Says:

    no it is not possible. for this purpose they have to have entire new setup at remote area too and that is for the short distance like india or iran but all the way to uk it is not possible .

  8. Nadeem Says:

    I just want to know how I can get WorldCall Service at my place. I live in Gulshan e Iqbal. I’ll really appreciate if someone contact me or leave me a contact number.

    • noman Says:

      you can contact me we are offering the usb of internet 03437154806 noman world call

  9. Faraz Javed Awan Says:

    Hi, to all of you
    A brief introduction of Mine, im Faraz Awan from World Call Wireless and in the Customer Operations and responsible for all the queries for the South Region.

    As far as world call wirless EVDO i.e. Evolution Data Optimiszed , it is a wireless USB Modem that allows internet access any where you like to in Karachi. This service has higher speed and least downtime.

    Packages are: Per Month
    256Kbps Rs.1200/-
    521Kbos Rs.1800/-
    1Mbps Rs. 2500/-

    Device Cost:
    Model : ADU 510A Rs.4500/- [Wireless USB MODEM]
    Model : ADU 520A Rs.5000/- [Wireless USB MODEM]
    Model : AWR 500A Rs.6000/- [Wireless Router]

    *45 days money back guarantee , Rs. 1000/- will be deducted for membership fee

    Monthly line rent have to be paid at the end of the month. That means you need to pay only 4500/- at the time of purchase and by the end of the month you have to pay the monthly bill. There are no hidden charges.

    All connections for the time being are offered on Sharing basis.

    Feel free to contact me in case of any query on my contact number 03333366961 or email me at

    Have a blessed Ramadan…..

    Faraz Javed Awan
    Assistant Manager Customer Opeations
    World Call Wireless Limited Pakistan
    An Oman Tel Company

  10. Anjum Alvi Says:

    Hi all

    Wow the service is awesome , and great as well
    World Call is rocking in Karachi, im currently using it in Korangi Industrial Area with a 256kbps connection with a download speed of 30-40KBs and what else one need, can you believe that no downtime in 24 hrs, fully connected. Man this service will really capture the customers

    The pricing side is high but i can spend money on this at the cost of poor services being provided by other competitiors in karachi, especially Mobilink WiMax and Wateen Telecom

  11. Nadeem Aziz- id 52312 Says:

    Really good words for absolutely rubbish of services. I’am using this worldcall internet for over two years now , and largely due to lack of other options. 50% of the time connection shows limited connectivity , and modem wont come online for 30 minutes after power outage or dips which reboots the modem . The funny side is the customer support . Everytime a complain is made , the apprently courteous attendent register the complain and give you a not to be remembered complain number . And then god knows what happens to this complain . It is never attended . This only thing flawless about this servies is it’s billing which always arrives on time .

  12. shahid Says:

    any one want to dsl usb wireless pls call 0214813586 0218218208 and mail me

  13. Imran Adrees Says:

    I just want to know how I can get WorldCall Service at my place. I live in Lahore greden Town. I’ll really appreciate if someone contact me or leave me a contact number: or cotact with me @ 03334335890

  14. Kashif Says:

    I would be interested in wireless internet services by WORLDCALL.
    I hope they give better services and have solutions for the problems that might arise.
    WorldCall should stop beating about the bushes regarding their services. They lack great deal of customer services. They should implement proper system for tracking the customer problems and how to resolve the issues.
    My personal experience with the CSR is not that much appreciative. Most of the time, i feel like i know more than they know how to solve my problems.

  15. gfre Says:

    hey when it comes to chaniot?

  16. Mubeen Says:

    can i get that USB service in Sialkot please any one reaply

  17. AwSma Says:

    This is some1 who is really angry to all sort of service providers in Pakistan. Not just internet but….with every aspect arround us.
    I am wondering, how people get to become fool, while knowing that this is them who bring bussiness to all the corporate sectors. I just want all of us to go for certain ammendments in ourselves to get anything by how exactly we want to……………. Right???
    You guys get some little from others…..and in return…….you give all of yourself……. why???
    You pay them… right? and since you are the lord of what you have paid for, so, don’t just beg…….. ok….
    I hope you might have understood what I’ve tried to.

    This is not that cheap as how you hear it.
    And when it would be…
    the cheaper service will be ?????????
    Faraz Jawed Awan! tell me your location. I wanna have some talk.
    Pakistanis!!!!! get the real as you want it. ok

  18. shabab Says:

    hi frends how are u all of plz if u purchased the woldcall so first check ur dealers are goods are not good i wana tell u all of the deleres here in jhelum are not goods they are all of liers so its enough for ur all of infor so plz just go to wateen dealers they are the best dealers for customer satisfactoin if u wana check the reason so plz check my comments on wateen wirelees page thax a lot

  19. prince Says:

    hi, dear world call is one the real big cheeter in pakistan wht i got experience from their dextop set service. one should understand that if a owner is a real big cheeter then who can he run the company truely plz plz make sure before to throw ur money in hell. they lie the connectivity which shows . may we all be blessed . aameen.

  20. Hasnain Khan Says:

    I have a PTCL (DSL …512kb) is RS:1200 _
    (PTCL…Downloading speed)____(100kb).
    what about worldcall problems
    (worldcall Downloading speed)_____??? (kia ha)

  21. Hasnain Khan Says:

    worldcall……ki (downloading speed) kia ha ……
    worldcall……ki (connectivity) kaise ha…..
    tell me on yahoo messanger….

  22. Mehmood Says:

    Need Huawei Desktop download

  23. Faisal Says:

    kindly send me detail information of worldcall DSL internet service. and USB devices also

  24. waheed Says:

    plz tell me when the world call susb modem caome to in lahore and every where plz tell me why its only u can b use in karachi

  25. ZAM Says:

    I have a 1Mbps DSL connection from PTCL… this virtually kills the competition as you don’t have to bear the cost of installation as well… WorldCall will be having a very tough time especially in the North as Linkdotnet, Micronet are already facing a stiff challenge from PTCL

  26. ZAM Says:

    1 Mbps costs rs.1200/- & service up till now has been quire remarkable

  27. hussain Says:

    hi could you plz tell me the complit information about world call pakage 256kbps. and chack what is the coverage in my location ( hussain hazara goth block 11 gulsha-e-iqbal karachi. and tell the complet detail. thanks

  28. Rizwan Says:

    we are calling your numbers 100000 times in days but no bullshitter picking the call suddenlly one bitch pick up the call and she gave us 10 numbers and you know what they all like piece of crap because they all were not working

    waird fucking care

  29. Shahid Says:

    World Call is a uncommentment company.
    Please refer to the above subject customer & ticket numbers in which I’ve already refunded the WorldCall BroadBand Package (EVDO) on 6th of February 2009.

    Prior to this refuned i was assured by Mr. Fahad Siddiqui (Sales Executive) that the refund shall be made within 15 days.

    After one month of time I contacted your office personally to collect my refund money but i was surprised to know when Mr. Fahad Siddiqui telling me that the refund time is 45 days.

    Now the time it is being almost two months and the refund money is still awaiting, besides your staff is not attending my calls and no one giving proper guidance that when and how the payment shall be credit to me.

    I’m already fadeup with the attitute of your staff the services WorldCall that offers with such a bloody personalities.

    I assure you if i’m not being compensated within one week i’ll file a suit on WorldCall and the staff too.

    Mohammad Shahid

  30. Ahsan Says:

    Guzy Try Wi-Tribe
    This is amazing…and it is far more cheaper than anyother wireless device in market .

    more details: mail me

    Ahsan Amin

  31. Taha Says:

    worldcall wireless phone per net kaisa chalta hay ?? aur downloading kaisi hoti hay mutlab kinay kb/sec aur signals kaisay hay is k aur acha set kaun sa hay ?? net rates kia hain ??? plz reply…

  32. Louchaa Says:

    Tello d’Fully Address Of Your Branch Office Or Franchise In Karachi

  33. ammara Says:

    Hi, I bought your wireless router(evdo) two months ago. But honestly speaking Iam not satisfied with your service. In my area signals are quite weak. I use internet just for two hours. Please help me, if you can.

  34. ALI Says:

    i dont like this world call devise bcz theses servis are not b allounch in my city

  35. MHMOOD Says:


    i want worldcall dsl in site nazman bad karachi

    connect #03212346901

    • NOMAN WATEEN Says:

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  36. MAHMOOD Says:


    i want woldcall dsl cable modem in north nazman bad site area near power house

    connect 03212346901
    MAhmood Ahmed

  37. Muahammad Siddique Says:


    I am Muhammad Siddique Memon R/O Murad Memon Goth Gadap Town Malir Karachi would like to contact with u for the purpose of launching Wateen Booster Tower in Rural Area Malir Karachi.

    Dear Sir,
    We have in Murad Memon Goth Malir Karachi many Network e.g. Waridtel, Jaz, Uphone, Zong Telenor etc PTCL Office we are getting benefits from it but we want to get more benefits from ur Wateen service. I have my own Plot in Rural Area Malir I want to contact with u for Wateen Booster Tower launch in my own Plot At Murad Memon Goth Malir Karachi on Rent. If you launching in Rural Area Malir then Please Contact with for same.


    Muhammad Siddique Memon

  38. M.Kashif Says:

    hi every budy i m here for help a software engineer who
    is knowing evdo wireless broadband device software
    scripting pl if any budy know the scrpts fo this software device contact me.
    if any budy know the the job as a video editing or graphix
    related inform me my cell # is 0092- 3222866512

  39. Rolling Razor Says:

    well i want to know some details about world call wirless the thing that i went to iqbal town office for new connection but they said the connection will not work in saman abad you should purchae the antina either it would wirless aur wired?
    and second thing is your downloading is limited altough some companies did not bound you from downlaoding
    my contact number is 03008042115

  40. zeeshanullah70 Says:

    tell about worldcall usb

  41. ahmad Says:

    my net speed my dsl net work

  42. sabir hussain Says:

    how many speed my dsl wirless speed

  43. zeeshanullah Says:

    the monthly charges is very high

  44. zeeshanullah Says:

    tell about some the monthly charges

  45. Junaid Says:

    plzzz any one tell me how can i contact world call help line throw my cell phone ?

  46. BUGHA Says:


  47. sg shah akhound Says:

    dear sir
    i am interest in your wireless net service,and plz jnclose all the information and detial.
    Are you giving any discount to student?

  48. NOMAN WATEEN Says:

    wateen telecom offer 50% off Get wireless Internet VOICE and WIFI Connectivity for home or office
    regards Noman Wateen TELECOM 03343105099

  49. syed ali haider rizvi Says:

    salam sir
    MY NUMBER:03322141358
    MY NUMBER:02136131912

  50. Habib Gul Says:

    apni compani band kar do kesi kaam ki nahi hai tumhri product samje logon ko chutiya banaya hia tum logon ny.

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