IP in Telecom Core

News are trickling in about the expected expansion of CMPak’s network. This report talks about ZTE providing a 14,000 carrier radio network and a 10 million subscriber core to CMPak expected roll-out.

Given the boom (pdf) of telecom services in Pakistan, these announcements sound like run of the mill these days. However, an interesting trend to note here is the fact that the core telecommunication equipment is getting increasingly all-IP.

Telecommunication (read voice) networks have traditionally relied upon TDM circuits to work. However, with the success of the IP Technologies in the world of Internet (and the Internet itself), there is a worldwide drift from TDM to IP for everything done at these telecommunication services shops.

According to the agreement, ZTE will provide its next-generation V3 base stations, and the core network will adopt all-IP networking.

What does this mean on ground? The telecommunication power houses will increasing turn to IP networks within their core to serve their various needs – from back hauling voice from their radio networks to their core, to IMS, signaling, billing, customer care and messaging. There will be an increased incentive to build out large, high performance and high availability IP networks in the core to serve this long menu of internal services needed by the exploding telecommunication services.

Other telecom operators who have recently upgraded their networks (or are in the process) have also been putting IP capabilities in the access network to cope with the expected increased demands from cities due to a swelling subscriber population. Mobilink had installed IP (over DSL) pico cells in some part of Karachi to extend its access network in dense urban building areas. I do not have detailed information on this and it would be great if some reader could fill this up for the rest of us.


3 Responses to “IP in Telecom Core”

  1. Babar Bhatti Says:

    The convergence to all IP networks is consistent with the rest of the world. Good observation.

    I’d also like to know more about mobile-fixed convergence in Pakistan.

    Nice theme!

  2. Majid Says:

    Been on the vendor side I can strongly say that IP is the focus of all the new products that will be coming Mobile softswitch , IMS/IMT, Media Gateways , Sigtran (Warid is running it) etc.

    The new I got on Mobilink front was that they were using DSL from Cybernet for densely populated areas where Microwave solution was not an option although for VoIP signaling DSL (especially in Pakistan) are not the right solution. I had tried it at my previous work place and with all the efforts we were not able to bring down the latency to acceptable level for Signaling to work over IP.


  3. Lucent Says:

    I second wanting to know more about mobile-fixed convergence in Pakistan and the surrounding areas. With such a large telecom industry, it will certainly set the tone for a lot of the world.

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