Prepaid Easyload

Prepaid cellular services have been such a success in our part of the world that the otherwise business and professional account holders that go for post paid options are paradoxically marginalized in a number of ways. Let me explain.

If you have a prepaid account which just has a balance of, say, Rs 50, you can make international calls right away. When your balance expires and you load a new scratch card, the balance get transfered immediately to your account and you are back in business. Finally, to cater for the low-end users, there are countless outlets that provide you both with recharge scratch cards and sms-driven ‘easyload’ service – that allows a finer granularity of pre-paid balance to be transferred to the subscriber’s account.

My postpaid connection experiences were a set of disappointments when juxtaposed with the prepaid connections accounts my family member had. While they enjoyed international outgoing facility, my Warid account provided by my previous employer did not have that facility turned out despite the fact that I had a credit balance of Rs 2,500 at that time. When I turned to Telenor later this year, I made it a point to have the International calling facility on the plan – as if getting it was something that much attention worthy. Others already had it. To my disappointment, Telenor’s franchise apparently messed up with the account opening procedure and I had to actually request Telenor to turn the facility on. So much for being a postpaid customer.

Next, when it comes to bill payment, one has to find a Telenor office or a franchise location that by the way are not too many. While matters are apparently ok at the original Telenor offices around the city, the franchise offices that I experience (three of them) where all a sorry tale. Not only was customer services were bad but the actual payment system was a pain too. Deposited amount took ages to appear in the account. In one case, even when the account received the deposited money, the system could not take it out of the previous ‘suspended’ state. It took them over 12 hours to let me make the first outgoing call. Privileges of a post-paid customer!

I had always wondered why the ‘esteemed’ customers of these cellular companies cannot buy a top-up card like their pre-paid fellows and have their balance limit enhanced when this is needed at an odd hour of the day or an odd corner of the city. Better still, with easyload thing being done everywhere, why can’t I easy load a few hundred rupees in my postpaid account to keep it fueled up?

So I was happy today to receive an SMS from Telenor that they have started doing the obviously apparent customer service thing – allowing easyload on postpaid connections for Telenor customer service. I must use it tomorrow and share the experience here. If all works as advertised, Telenor has done itself a real good by enabling its post-paid customers to keep going – just like their prepaid cousins.

Now only if I could ‘donate’ some balance to a prepaid Telenor buddy of mine off my postpaid credit limit! 🙂


9 Responses to “Prepaid Easyload”

  1. binary-zero Says:

    no doubt – managing a personal postpaid is a horrible experience for someone. Having a corporate account manager, save quite much of a time for some company. But this service is surely innovative.

  2. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Thanks for pointing out to this strange paradox. There are a number of explanations which come to mind:
    1) Mobile companies are so obsessed with adding subscribers and advertisement that they slipped on service
    2) Since overwhelming majority of their customer is prepaid, the postpaid segmenet did not get its fair share of attention

    Regardless, there is no excuse for shabby service.

  3. Babar Bhatti Says:

    You promised to share the experience of easyload on postpaid connections ….

  4. AA Says:

    I bought postpaid connection from Ufone.

    – I had to make my name corrected in the bill.
    – I had to make my city corrected in the bill.
    – I had to call them and tell them my address again.
    – I had to call them and tell them to correct my address again (second time).
    – I had to give them NIC twice, once to franchise and once to CS Center.
    – I had to call 2 times for GPRS settings and then sit 20 minutes to get GPRS activated.

    Still Ufone is better then Telenor trash.
    – Telenor helpline is always busy or on perpetual hold.
    – There CS give lame excuses and said link is down, happened at Shahra-e-Faisal center, they can’t the have two dsl connections.
    – SMS is unreliable too sometimes goes after a day.
    – I am unable to divert my calls away from their network when Telenor connection is off, Ufone lets me.
    – Instead of making Indian film ads they should get more customer service people.

  5. Mobile Buz! » Which one Is Best For You: Postpay Or Prepaid? Says:

    […] for pointing these out).  There are actually some disadvantages of going with postpaid, as Tee Emm notes here. These […]

  6. haziqnawaz Says:

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