Mobilink embraces data

The long on-going, almost over-due project was declared signed and closed with Alcatel-Lucent. Daily time has the full story here. This is going to be the second major countrywide Wimax project, the earlier one being deployed by Wateen and uses Motorola’s gear. The project, whose financial size or commercial availability dates has not yet been publicly disclosed, reportedly makes extensive use of the strong channel sales partners that Mobilink has developed in the rewarding cellular market of Pakistan over the past many years.

The next similarly sized announcement should come from PTCL which is still talking to a number of solution vendors in this domain. Apart from these three large scale projects, a number of other entities, some of which are in the security infrastructure of the country, are deploying Wimax technology for their respective requirements.

There are till a number of players like Telecard and Cybernet who won the 3.5 Ghz frequency in the open auctions during deregulation but are not moving ahead with their Wimax adventures for want of some business case precedence and internal priorities.


5 Responses to “Mobilink embraces data”

  1. Babar Bhatti Says:

    This keeps getting more and more interesting. Unless the details are known its hard to say if Mobilink is trying to catch up with others or is serious about this. I did not realize PTCL was in this race too.

  2. Osama A. Says:

    P.S. Help kill old media – we (as in bloggers) covered the story before DailyTimes.

    There are many companies tipping to support and embrace blogs as media and ad channels but they need to know we can “break” news without support from “old media”. The argument goes, if we’re also dependent on old media, then why dont we advertise on the old media — everyone including you would read it anyway.

  3. Tee Emm Says:

    @Osama A.

    Bloggers break stories based on their off-line insider contacts or greater industry insights. One cannot over-emphasize this fact. However, given the fact that ‘old media’ is still associated with some greater authenticity for the general masses, it is definetly a landmark when a deal is announced in the ‘old media’.

    Hence, while we the bloggers and industry insiders knew about all this happening around us, when the deal is finally announced, it was only a confirmation of what the blogosphere and industry insiders in general were anticipating and predicting. Hence I think the old media will still have relevance and would remain worth mentioning.

  4. Faheem Says:

    me want a job in ur company………

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