Dialup Internet Access To Cost More

Reports in the media are pointing towards a possibility that PTCL has plans to start charging for the UIN access (access to special Internet Numbers called University Internet Access Number that start with the characteristic 131 digits) from a single call for the entire call duration to a time-based pulse charging mechanism.

Shahzad Ahmad of Bytesforall.net has summed up the case at PakistanICTPolicy forum:

This is horrendous, outrageous, unethical and unacceptable. This is not ON PTCL! Government of Pakistan, you can NOT approve this evil plan. Would you like to block and limit people’s access to Internet in the country?

How could PTCL take back the affordability of non-metered calls facility for dialup Internet access? Curse of monopoly!  In a country of 160+ million people, where number of Internet users is already very low, just around 4 million and now PTCL wants to further reduce this number? This is just lust for more money and profit. This is robbery by PTCL on Internet users.

For many years now, ICTs have been one of the major focus of the Government of Pakistan. May it well be due to market dynamics, modernization drive, peculiar circumstances, the country seen some massive, though unbalanced growth in different areas of ICTs penetration in the country. Pakistan formulated its first ever IT Policy in 2000, followed by an ambitious Action Plan.

Since then, a huge investment has been made in ICT infrastructure in the country.  Special facilities like non-metered Internet calls (where only one local call will be charged for any amount of time), even for long distance from small towns were quite unique steps for providing Universal Internet Access. We still remember the days, when Dr. Ata ur Rahman, then Minister of IT would take a lot of pride in his each TV appearance, always mentioning this revolutionary step. Indeed, at that time non-metered calls contributed very positively, providing global Internet connectivity to remote cities and towns in the country. In fact, this resulted Pakistan having the most extensive Internet coverage among the countries of South Asia.

We actually never believed in this TV report breaking the news that PTCL is taking back the facility of affordable non-metered calls and now a call will be charged every 15 minutes of the connectivity time. This means that for each 24 hours of internet usage, the user will pay extra for 96 calls at the rate of approximately Rs. 2.50 per call making the bill to be around Rs. 240/- in addition to ISP charges.

Currently, a user pays about Rs. 300 per month for 24 hours unlimited dialup connection and then telephone bill costs around 35-40 calls a month. This makes the Internet connectivity very possible at reasonable cheap rate in this country, where larger population is low income.

In the changed scenario, where PTCL wants to charge more money for each dialup call, believe me students community will be the most affected. People who need 24 hours connectivity for email/Internet will suffer immensely.

Let’s join hands to raise voice to stop PTCL from its money grabbing tactics. It is so silly that a dialup connection will become much more expensive than a DSL.

Just to let you all know that Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) has issued a protest call on Monday, the 24th September, 2007. They plan to talk to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority as well. If nothing happens then ISPAK plans to move Supreme Court of Pakistan.

We request all concerned civil society organizations, relevant associations, individuals and media outfits to please help stop this evil plan of PTCL to block and limit people’s access to Internet. Yes, it indeed is blocking people’s access to Internet. Lust for grabbing more money from poor people of Pakistan is actually not going to contribute any good to the overall socio-economic development of the country.

If PTCL goes ahead with its evil plan, we propose “take-back-the-net” campaign and country wide protests. We will involve all relevant associations, IT Industry, media and general public to stop this. If PTCL insists on continuing with this plan then Government of Pakistan should provide alternatives to Internet users in the country. PTCL’s monopoly is unacceptable.


23 Responses to “Dialup Internet Access To Cost More”

  1. Raza Says:

    This is outrageous! They must be out of their mind!

  2. SW Says:

    The real dilemma of Pakistan that stops the masses to step ahead and take the lead…. What else can we say except that they always came, they always ripped off everything and they monopolized as usual.
    And still we are saying the country is progressing from the last 60 years…. The end result less awareness of the Internet world, we will be in dark once again and for DSL it is not yet covered in many area yet plus it is expensive as well because of high B/W offered by PTCL, along with Rs.125 charges per DSL user….so who to call for help….?

  3. Tee Emm Says:

    Following rumor at online forums is attributed to some insider and is really scary. :

    This is just the beginning. Let me tell u what the plan is. The plan was to launch broadband, follow it up with limiting the pulse time on dial up internet for all ISPs ( 15 mins or less) and then launch PTCL’s own dial up internet with short dialling code – given automatically to all PTCL ‘s subscribers with the option of taking two post-pay packages ( Na Card, Na Intezar, na lamba code) : one, an hourly or day dialling package and two, a monthly unlimited use package at Rs. 200/pm.

    This has got delayed (it was planned for 15th September), but it may be in October with: dial up internet in October (may be the first).

  4. Adnan Siddiqi Says:

    well, PTCL launched its DSL service, they would definitely wan t to try anythig they can to force users to start using DSL. Waise, apart from this news, Dialup was very expensive option, atleast for me. Buying atleast 6-8 Rs.100 denomination cards+ 1000+ telephone bill was not giving me anything near to 3k/s. So I am happy I am a DSL user now.

  5. SW Says:

    Loo Gee another dhachka….. TEE EMM can someone confirm on this please…

  6. Raza Says:


    Why would you buy 6-8 Rs.100 denomenation cards when unlimited monthly internet costs Rs.300-500?! I used to have that CyberStudent monthly unlimited internet for 300 only. Overall phone bill was close to 500 only. Now that I have switched to PTCL DSL 256kbps, its bound to be close to 1500!

  7. SW Says:

    Iagree with the Rs.500 unlimited card option which is the case for me as well. But there is a hidden cost associated as well which may cost you minimum Rs.250+ per month (4 call per day @ Rs.2.31 x 30 days = Rs.276) but with cheap speed 56K.

    For any intelligent user if he can understand the three basic things that value.
    1) Price
    2) Speed (time saving as DSL is 20x times faster than dialup)
    3) And hidden cost

    He/She will definetly shift to DSL….

  8. Sajid Shabbir Says:

    yeah @ SW
    Definitely I’ll have to agree with you dial for a regular user costs no less than 600-700 per month and to me the far more costly is the time i spend downloading and surfing for a much less efficiency.

  9. Fahad Ali Says:

    Well can someone confirm whether this new multi-metering system by PTCL is in effect yet or not. Guys if this is true then I am doomed. I need internet more than oxygen (metaphorically). I learn every thing through internet and right now I am just going crazy. I haven’t used internet properly since I heard this news 2 – 3 days back. Please confirm whether these rates are in effect or not.
    As far as the normal cost for dial-up is concerned, mine is much lesser. I use the 100Rs card of Supernet which is free from 2 am to 5 pm. I dont need any more than two in a month and my phone bill never exceeded 410 or 420 RS.
    Let’s hope for the best.

  10. Fahad Ali Says:

    Well I hope people who say their monthly bill is 600 – 700 for dial-up don’t include the other phone calll charges with it.

  11. ummro Says:

    I believe ptcl, being a significant market player, needs approval from PTA.

  12. Ovais Says:

    Well, it will hurt the student community, most of them survive on a single 100 rupee card (and some 100 rupee calling charges, i guess). DSL is an expensive option for them.

  13. Fahad Ali Says:

    Well please.. as soon as somebody hear that these rules are implemented, please notify all of us.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. naveed ahmed Says:

    hi friends,
    asalam o alaikum,
    plz let me know that this new policy of ptcl 15 mins call duation in internet is in effect or not.
    i am extremly shocked after hearing this news, and i have stopped using internet because i just cant afford such expenses.

  15. hala Says:

    actually the problem is we live in a country governed by a bunch of suckers. they only think about themselves and not for the people whom they work for. for me it wont be anything new if ptcl changes its dialup charges actually we are tolerating our rulers for 60 years and with this behaviourd they will continue robbing us bastards

  16. Rizwan Says:

    I was just starting to think that i should go back to PK and probably work there. Looking at news like this makes me think that i am better off staying away. Not only that this evil and will hurt the EU, it is even worst that PTCL is not planning to make it any easier for businesses to invest. If having control is what they want then they can do that without having laughable tactics like this. BT (UK) has similar situation, they have control over infrastructure but they have made it very easy for businesses to invest which in turn has produced and explosion in market to compete. It is all good for EU where you can get quality service at very low cost. I think the drive has to come from the industry to force PTCL otherwise this can continue for a long time to come. FFS we are in a modern age and things like this keep happening.

  17. SW Says:

    Checkout the following articles against the PTCL new Multi-metering plan.
    1)ISPs disagree with proposal http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=20079\28\story_28-9-2007_pg5_8
    2) PTCL mulls abandoning of un-metered internet accesshttp://www.dawn.com/2007/09/26/ebr17.htm

  18. manzoor alam khan Says:

    is there any one who take notice, or we semm helpless

  19. manzoor alam khan Says:

    we need internet access govt have to provide cable net access to us or is there any company who can provide this what can we do we do suicide or what?

  20. SW Says:

    You have not accepted my post which included the articles placed in newspapers against PTCL metering. I researched them from internet i think everyone deserves to know the real facts rather you remove my post.
    Please clarify?

  21. Ptcl Hurt's Says:

    Yesterday i had a talk wd Ptcl Authorities are not telling exactly abt that.
    Plz Someone tell All Of US When Will the New Dial-up Call rates Will B Applicable.
    “We Must Join HAnds To Protest Against that Cruel Act By PtCl “

  22. hala Says:

    they will not tell anyone anything about the new internet rates mark my words and when u will see this month’s ptcl bill then u will come to know that new rates have already been applied. there wont happen anything with the protest coz its not the first time someone will protest against an evil act. who cares about the public. all the big crocodiles care for only making money.

  23. jony Says:

    Hi Sumone Plz tell Whats the De top stories abt that now.

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