UIN Charges Unchanged – for now?

PTCL’s latest offers page details some new local call charges plan. Calls in the evening – apparently targeted towards female dominated domestic population – will now cost twice but will last a full hour. This is a tit-for-tat reaction to the Mobilink and Telenor’s Rs 5 an hour and Rs 4 an hour on-net plans.

The UIN charges, as mentioned in point 4 of the announcement, are to remain unchanged at Rs 2 for unlimited time. Unless there is still something cooking, at least for now, the users can relax that the multi-metered Internet calls are not here (yet!).

p.s: The classroom and the student shown in the graphics at the PTCL site bear no resemblance to either Pakistan or UAE. What happened to the principle of local relevance!


4 Responses to “UIN Charges Unchanged – for now?”

  1. Rizwan Says:

    That is a relief, i guess competition mobile and GSM market is at least giving some hope to EU who are being ripped off by PTCL. PTCL can do so much more and make so much more money by being more EU focused.

    p.s: That is from a TV advert in UK, ‘P’ in PTCL stands for Pirates

  2. PTCL Plagiarism « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

    […] a visit of this blog, commented that this picture at the PTCL website is also copied from an ad in the UK. We are not sure but then […]

  3. PTCL_Engr Says:

    PTCL marketing dept has just copy pasted whatever they found on Etisalat (www.etisalat.ae) site. See the resemblance of both sites urself.
    Speaking of resemblances in PTCL add. Is there resemblance between any add of mobile companies (specially Telenor) and Pakistan??

  4. Iqbal Sajid Says:

    Its nice to hear, but where can i see the tarrif from PTCL.??

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