You’re Invited!

As a regular visitor to this blog and someone interested in Telecommunication & Pakistan, you are invited to join the online community forum called TGP – the Telecommunication Grid of Pakistan where we share the industry news, news-clippings, whispered rumors, technical insights and consumer gripes.

Telecom Grid Pakistan
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One Response to “You’re Invited!”

  1. PTCL Plagiarism « Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Says:

    […] PTCL Plagiarism October 12th, 2007 — Tee Emm PTCL recently launched a new dial-up Internet service called Phone n Net that will allow direct access to Internet from any PTCL land line telephone connection with the billing to take place along with the monthly bill of PTCL. The service, which made smaller ISPs go obviously nervous, was apparently rushed out before Eid holidays. PTCL apparently just felt lazy and copy pasted part of the technical contents from the website of competition World Online (WOL). [See snap shot of the PTCL with its pants down on the right.] Here are the original WOL FAQs. [Credits: Shaheer picked this up and mentioned it in one of his posts at TGP.] […]

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