PTCL Plagiarism

ptcl-copy-paste-jobPTCL recently launched a new dial-up Internet service called Phone n Net that will allow direct access to Internet from any PTCL land line telephone connection with the billing to take place along with the monthly bill of PTCL. The service, which made smaller ISPs go obviously nervous, was apparently rushed out before Eid holidays. PTCL, it seems, just felt lazy and copy pasted part of the technical contents from the website of competition World Online (WOL). [See snap shot of the PTCL with its pants down on the right.] Here are the original WOL FAQs. [Credits: Shaheer picked this up and mentioned it in one of his posts at TGP.]

school.jpgEarlier, Rizwan, a visitor of this blog, commented that this picture at the PTCL website is also copied from an ad in the UK. We are not sure but then there is no reason to rule this out either. Fellow KMB blogger Zainab had recently done a piece on plagiarism in the Pakistani blogosphere but it seems that the practice is just too common in our homeland. And more disturbing than the prevalence of the practice is the lack of any shame associated with this.


7 Responses to “PTCL Plagiarism”

  1. More Plagiarism Updates « Kaleidoscope Says:

    […] like Copyscape are such a great resource. But surely industry giant like PTCL have no such excuse. Tariq Mustafa has discovered that the folks at PTCL have copy pasted their entire FAQ section for a newly […]

  2. Adnan Siddiqi Says:

    interesting catch tariq bhai.

    I wish they had ability to copy TECHNOLOGY too.

  3. Rizwan Says:

    Right, first of all I have to apologise to everyone, I did say in my comments in one of my previous posts that the picture was from a UK advert, but now that I have checked it again, it is indeed not. There is a very similar ad with very similar contents and theme however this picture is not taken from that ad. So my hand up for misleading on that. TM did contact me asking for confirmation, I was not around to answer that, therefore a personal apology to TM. However it is very interesting to see PTCL has pulled it off from other sites. May be the ad picture is copied as well, may be not. I would not be surprised if it is. Big UP for TM and team to keep a close eye on these things, at least someone is doing what everyone should be doing.

  4. Asim Says:

    Well am not sure Rizwan is refereing to which advert, however I can confirm that the broadband advertisment of PTCL is a copied version of Tiscali’s broad band advert (UK based broad band service provider).If any one need a proof I can provide Tiscali’s advert as well.
    P.S: Interflow is the advertising agency of PTCL, so I think here Interflow is copying !!!

  5. samra Says:

    i know this post was made AGES ago but mr. asim can you please do that????

  6. Corine Rumfola Says:

    Very helpful web site. Hope it will always be alive!

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