Wateen’s Wireless Service

Shakeel Ahmed, friend and a regular contributor at TGP, has the following clip and quick information to share about Wateen’s wireless service in Lahore. The video clip shows a sneak peek by way of the synchronization process of the Motorolla CPE.

CPE was installed in DHA Lahore and has one ethernet + voice port on it. Download speed is around 120-130KBps with next hop latency around 15-20ms.

You can find some previous discussion on the wireless service by Wateen at TGP archives.


24 Responses to “Wateen’s Wireless Service”

  1. Ahmad Says:


  2. Rizwan Says:

    This is great stuff, I am very interested to know the costs, the type contract they are offering and service quality in bad weather in highly dense populated areas. Speed is not an issues atm because under any circumstances WiMax will be better than dialup, and if the Wateen get some competitors then probably the capacity can be increased over time. It would also be very good if users can post their experiences based on the distance from broadcasting mast.

  3. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Interesting stuff, waiting for more info …

  4. Shafiq Rehman Says:

    CPE cost is about RS.23500

  5. sufyan Says:

    check this out
    http://www.wateen.com for full details of trariff
    cpe is not of 23500
    pay once 18000 and get 512 kbps connections with 10 GB monthly limit for 12 months with a telephone (no line rent and wateen to wateen calls and all calls free in january free)
    and MOTorola CPE free !!

  6. saddam tahirkheli Says:

    mujhay is service kay baray main kuch naheen pata koi mujhay plz inform kar day.

  7. Amir Ahmed Khan Says:

    i called to wateen few days back
    about their wimax service,
    and got following info.

    Package Cost 9000
    can be paid in installments
    say 3000 downpayment and 500 per month for 12 months

    what you got, is a wimax device,
    having a voice port
    and an ethernet port
    with about 256 Kbps of speed.

    in addition to 9000,
    you have to pay 1300 per month for the service.
    which includes 2GB download limit with 256Kbps.
    (altough its unilimite download till 31st this month)

    and for voice they have three tariffs.
    i-e 90/month line rent ,
    120/month line rent
    and 180/month line rent.

    only catch i got, is that, you can get back your payment
    if you are not satisfied by the service in 2/3 months,
    but if you want to discontinue service say after 7 months or even after a year, you have to return back the device.
    otherwise its sound cool.
    that you have a 256Kbps. connection on even road.

    waiting for coments of any user,
    so i might switch my PTCL DSL.

  8. Jassim Says:

    This is good that Pakistan is going forward in this pretty new technology. However, I still think they should lower the rates and increase the quality of wired internet service before moving on to this… WiMax can provide much more faster data rates than mentioned above!

  9. rashad usama Says:

    What i got to know was something like this.
    .telephony service can only be acquired if u purchase the broadband service.otherwise if udon’t want it at all then it’s entirley upto u..and u hve to pay up like 3500Rs upfront, for the CPE,n write 11 post dated cheques for Rs1350,for the service. but the thing tht confuses me is the internet service tariff’s
    i didn’t understand tht..a 512kbps with 10GB download limit is for 2250rs/month??and what if u want more volume than 10gb??

  10. Sidra Mir Says:


    Sir/Madam…i am here to look for people who are either currently using wateen’s products/services or have had some or the other experience with it…if u r one of the users(or had been one previously), then plz kindly reply on the id ” sid_aloo@yahoo.com

    i am asking for this ‘coz er…acually i am a student of bba at lhr and i am carrying a research to determine the satisfaction level among wateen users, so if you have the time and you are willing to help then plz kindly reply on the id above so that i can fwd u the questionnaire..its just a 2-3 mint survey and it doesnt have those long sort of questions,just one at the end regarding ur suggestions…

    If you are not the users of wateen, you can help by writing no im not using wateen and then filling up the personal profile part…

  11. Muhammad Khan Says:

    Hi I got myself wateen service in Oct 07, at that time I paid almost Rs18,000 for a year with 512 and voice number. It has been a great experience. For the first time in Pakistan,I was able to see you tube videos with out stopping.

    I am very happy with the service. But, Please note couple of my family friends have this service and they were not happy at all.

    Since, your modem is wireless so it all depends on the area you are using the service,areas like DHA has great service.

    Muhammad Q Khan

  12. zubair Says:

    ineed a internet connection send me the detail to get it with speed and charges.

  13. Romaiz Says:

    Wateen’s Amazing Offer!

    Wateen; the leading WiMax service provider offers Broadband internet and telephony for economical rates. You can now surf with internet for as low as Rs. 499 and turbo charge your internet speed to 1 Mbps for only Rs.799. Wether, it is gaming, downloading or any live streaming… get connected with Wateen today to enjoy true connectivity. Further more experience Wateen to Wateen calls Free for Life with a crystal clear voice, for as low as 40 paisas. Be a Wateen family member!!

    Details: feel free to call toll free: 111-365-111, visit website: http://www.wateen.com

  14. Ahmed Says:

    Wateen’s customer support is worst, with every call and email they generate a new ticket and later closed it without solving problem, when I contacted them about it, they issued another ticket. My account is closed from last 2 weeks, I have called support, sent emails and visited karachi office many many times but they could not solve a simple billing mistake.

  15. adeel Says:

    were in ur service in pakistan i want use in renala khurd okara plz tel me about all information

  16. shabab Says:

    hi dear friends how r u all of i m not enemy of world call dealers so i just wana tell u to all of u i m living in jhelum city i have the worlcall set up i was need the external entina of w call i go many time s in the office here in jhelum but they many times said that they have no entina and after that my w call data cable was damedged i purchased the cable form the office in 280 RS i check in home with the phone but it was not working so i go back to office after 1 day the dealers said that i m not purchased that cable from there office now wat will u say all of i m lying r dealers were lying i m saying that dealers were lying i have also so many issues from w call dealers but above 2 issues are enough for ur all of kind information if manager of wcall read this comments so pl z pl z sir change that dealers in jhelum office jada otherwise i m going to wateen wireless becase there customer are very satisfied there dealers wish u all good luck

  17. ali Says:

    Dear sir,

    Kindly tell me about your wireless set with connection Packages , I want to purchase it and send also its cost. I am waiting for your early reply.

    Best Regards,

    Ali Raza

  18. IT Buzz Says:

    That’s really good to know that wateen is launching its Wimax services in Pakistan. People were really in dire need of this type of technology.

  19. mohsin raja Says:

    moje ache ce nokre ke tlash ha app k pas ager kuch jobs ha to btao please jhelum ma mare e mail raja–rani@hotmail.com ha or cel no 00923235079281 ha please btana zror ager app moj ca yahoo per chat karna chate ho to mare id ya ha mohsin_lucky2003

  20. AMIN Says:

    Dear sir,

    Kindly tell me about your wireless set with connection Packages , I want to purchase it and send also its cost. I am waiting for your early reply.

    Best Regards,

  21. Rick Jamison Says:

    I enjoy these type of discussions. It is great to hear what other’s opinions are. What do you guys think?

  22. adnan Says:

    WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection

    5GB Unlimited
    256Kbps Rs. 599 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 699 Rs, 1400
    1 Mbps Rs. 799 Rs, 1500

    Telephoney Line Rante Rs, 120
    Device Cost Just Rs. 1500,
    15 Days Money Back Gurantee.
    Other Information
    Call Now adnan babar
    onliny lahore
    free home delivery

  23. lifepk Says:

    Wateen is providing very poor quality services they are giving only 25kb with 1mb unlimited so i will sugess you all never buy service from wateen they need to proof more & need to invest more for proper signals.

  24. Ayesha Says:

    Very Good Job Wateen

    Wateen has improved now

    do check it out

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