Google Zeitgeist Ignores Pakistan?


Update: This has now been fixed. A bunch of thanks to Omar Ansari and Badar Khushnood for doing their bits.

Google remains the barometer for measuring what people are doing on the Internet en mass. Google’s Zeitgeist country-level breakdown page provides a useful (and often funny) view of what are Internet users doing in a given country as a whole.

Somehow, Pakistan has been removed from this page. The entry for Pakistan used to reside at:

but is not available now. This might be a short hiccup due to some unavailable data or a permanent removal. The later, obviously, is disturbing for us in Pakistan. Heck, even Afghanistan is being considered to be included in the list.

Let us wait for some time and hope we get our trends back at the page.


11 Responses to “Google Zeitgeist Ignores Pakistan?”

  1. Abdussamad Says:

    Thank god that google has removed zeitgiest for Pakistan. Anyone who has seen the previous years data knows that the statistics weren’t very flattering. It definitely didn’t help further Pakistan’s reputation.

  2. Sajjad Says:

    I have to agree with Abdussamad on that one. Though what we really should be doing is creating enough incentive for people to search more than just smut and the latest entertainment from our neighbours.

  3. Omer Ansari Says:

    I informed a friend at google about this, and he’ll get this fixed. expect zeitgeist to list Pakistan again soon.

  4. us friend Says:

    My heart bleeds for pk. So many friends, so many hopes for so much from my heart. May peace be upon BB, & all those who have died. We are not carbon copies of Bush!!! US Friend.

  5. Nash Says:

    Paktranslations is the top mover, great going Zeeshan!

  6. Amir Ahmed Khan Says:

    tariq bhai, its back,
    i just checked, i think your posting works. 🙂

  7. farzal Says:

    its really stupid that the algo is case sensitive

    for afghanistan, entry #1 and #5 are:

    On another note, its funny for people of a country to be searching for themselves. Or is it sad?

  8. Web Designer Group Says:

    yes google has removed zeitgiest.

  9. Blog Pakistan Says:

    It was missing for one month but it back now… Check it out again…

  10. how to quit drinking Says:

    I didnt think that Zeitgeist was much use anyways.. so no bad loss there! 🙂

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