DST in an Internet Age

Last night, Pakistani clocks have been moved forward by an hour to implement the Daylight Saving Time which is aiming at reducing some of our energy costs. DST is debatable, to say the least. Look up for the topic and you will see how many arguments exists in its favor and against.

That we have an evil energy crisis at hand (which is bent upon slowing us down even when we have just started to move forward as a nation) is a fact. And fighting a crisis of 21st century with a 100 year old trick might not be the coolest thing to do.

With teledensity in Pakistan being touted as the highest in the region and Internet finding a mainstay in our dailylives, we need to look at innovations that can conserve energy for the nation. The regular options that come to mind such as telecommuting, mobile transactions and remote control of energy spending gadgets might validly be a pass-time for the advanced world. However, I believe that the power of having almost half of the nation talking to each other via cell phones should be harnessed via a social campaign to reduce our power consumption.

Why can’t we have a ring tone campaign similar to ‘go musharraf go’ such as ‘bijli bachao doostoon’ (friends, lets save electricity) and social SMS campaigns saying ‘turn one power consuming item now’? Why can’t the chain-letter-loving nation send energy conservation messages to each other to raise the awareness on this critical issue. The connected Pakistan is a large, influential audience which, if it acts in harmony, can make big changes happen.


4 Responses to “DST in an Internet Age”

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  2. MB Says:

    Nice post
    I fully support your idea of sending SMS messages on saving electricity. I have thought upon this myself and have come up with few of mine. See if you like em

    – Please go and check to see if any of your light/fan/device is ON for no reason.

    – Please use ENERGY SAVER. It will cut down your bill (depending upon how many you use) to good 25%

    – There are millions of people who have no electricity because there are millions of people like you who are wasting it. Please save some of it for others.

    and so on . .

  3. Sajjad Says:

    Nice post. Unfortunately, real, positive issues like “save energy” or “be courteous” just aren’t as appealing to people as “death to person x” or “send this to 10 people and meet the love of your life”.

    It’s surprising how unaware people are of simple things that can save energy and how insignificant they consider an individual’s role in all this. Maybe what’s needed is better education.

    Whatever happened to those old TV ads with “Mr. Jaidee” being taught a lesson in saving electricity?

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