Internet-based Services

What brick-and-mortar based services come to your mind that can be readily offered over the Internet for a local customer base that do not have access to or willingness for using credit card/paypal for payment? (Note: This is different from Internet services such as web-development, hosting etc).

A good, creative answer to the above question can give you a very interesting idea for starting up a small business of your own which efficiently utilizes cheap Internet access available to most middle-class households today in urban Pakistan and the ability to accept payments via Easypaisa from Telenor.

The flip side of the equation is that there aren’t many EP account holders as of today and the fact that the full-year transaction limit is only Rs 120,000 which is just too small.

But the best starts are almost always humble.


23 Responses to “Internet-based Services”

  1. Owais Says:

    Not a bad idea to start! but is Telenor or Tameer are offering web based money transfer facility? This can be helpful to maintain the local business and out side Pakistan this service will not work or customer having account with EP need to charge their credit cards online to have enough credit.

    In both cases when online transfer is required you need to pay via credit card / direct bank wire transfer / Money bookers / paypal western union / money order / Money Gram.

    In case of money transfer locally you can pay the money at any EP counter and the money will be transfer. But for that frauds will increase.

  2. Nadir Says:

    It almost sounds like a publicity post however a whole year since your last post so it is good to see something πŸ™‚

    Coming to the point, the idea you put forward does have weight. It is too early to form an opinion but my though over this is that, provided the bad/irresponsible image (Customer Support and QoS) of almost all the telcos here, people will be highly reluctant to this service. More specifically business individuals will be highly reluctant to use some unreliable service to conduct daily business transactions over cellphones using Telenor… I know I wouldn’t unless they present some real business related / banking-type terms of usage and earn themselves a considerable amount of Goodwill.

    Clearly, as of today their focus is on personal / household usage, the yearly limit explains itself. Hence their level of service will also be limited to the same.

    This is just my personal opinion. Plus not to mention your own personal experience having yourself an EP account when they did not seem to be enthusiastic at all to give you one. πŸ™‚

    However, time will tell how reliable the service becomes, in terms of doing actual business.

  3. sophia Says:

    good idea. IMHO if you look easy paisa as an enabler rather then a full e2e service then there are many opportunities. 120,000 is the limit because tameer is a microfinance bank and certainly this is still a big amount in pakistamn despite some minorty earning way more then this per month.

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