Eid Mubarak!

Eid GreetingsA very warm and personal Eid Greetings to all the visitors of this blog.

May this Eid bring all the joys and blessings to you and your loved ones.

Let us remember those around us who are less fortunate and be a source of joy for them too.

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Enroll In Pakistan Telecom Grid

If you enjoy reading local technology blogs like this one (or this, or this, or this, or this, or this) and enjoy contributing information and commentary on the same, we are building up a mailing group and we are calling it Pakistan Telecom Grid. The group membership is open to all and other blog authors (like Babar, Mustafa and Sajjad and anyone else who care to join) will be upgraded as managers so that we’ve a collective stewardship of the collection.

About the group: An informal grid of Telecommunication and Network Services professionals and insiders of Pakistan. Inspired from the fact that the collective authors and respective audience of the relatively few technology blogs that relate to Pakistan can be team up as a virtual pool of guys with an interested in communications technologies. This assembly can be used to enhance social interaction between the members, get-together events, private discussions, rumor sharing and rumor milling 😉 etc.

Join in now.

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Keep Talking

A number of readers of this blog have contributed useful and insightful comments on a variety of topics. The two-way modern Internet (aka Web 2.0) is a breakaway from the TV-like model of the old web. User interaction is key to the overall value enhancement of any Internet resource.

Thank you to all those who have commented on the posts of this blog. Go ahead and keep talking!

About This Blog

This blog is a continuation of my blog Tee Emm’s Window to Pakistan that used to be at http://www.blogspot.com/pakistan – one of the first blogs to originate out of Pakistan with the first post made around June 2001. Not a fan of frequent changes specially when it comes to blogs, domain names and URLs, I waited very patiently and lived with the blogger service for my blog. However, the following frustrations finally made me take the ‘change decision’ and move the place here on wordpress:

  • After being acquired by Google, the Pyra labs (original founders of blogger and blogspot) did not made any quantum improvement in the services they offered. Many blogging tools appearing afterwards did a better job. Even the current ‘blogger beta’ thing is stretching out for a long time now. While like others I have a lot of respect for blogger.com to enable early bloggers, I wish them the best while I move away.
  • The blogspot ban in Pakistan took a heavy toll on the readership of the blog. Despite that fact that proxies and other very good blogspot ban undoers like pkblogs.com exist, I believe that a blog that is primarily on the issues of Pakistan with its intended audience again in Pakistan, it is perfect to ensure 100% accessibility to the blog by all the potential readers. The blogspot ban keeps on coming and going affecting the readership of the blog severly.
  • As most of us would now testify, wordpress has a far more superior interface, extensibility and aesthetics than Google’s blogger.com.
  • Finally, I see the latest attempt of blogger.com putting up a translucent ad-strip at the bottom of the blogs hosted at blogspot.com as a bit of an overkill. With the blue blogger strip on top promoting blogger and blogspot, the google ads in the blogs template, the latest move just makes my content lose more of its space. Yes, I know free comes at a cost but if that gets too costly, the thing doesn’t remain free anymore.
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