PTCL: ‘God, This Cannot Happen To Me!’

PTCL is over-reacting panicking on the churn of just 100 MB worth of Internet Transit and IPLC capacity customers to Transworld in Karachi alone. PTCL commercial wings are busy preparing reports for internal consumption that seem to be on the quest to answer ‘how can this happen’. Sources inside PTCL named an International bank and a HFC cable operator’s recent switch-over from PTCL to Transworld as having caused the pressing of the panic button. PTCL has started re-compiling data about its co-located ISP customers down to the levels of wires and jacks. It is clear from the queries that ISPs have received so far, that PTCL wants to make sure that its transit Internet bandwidth competitor is not able to directly connect to any customer whose very existence is due to the co-location services provided by PTCL in the first place. PTCL has already been doing a similar physical verification with the Long Distance & International (LDI) service providers all over Pakistan to prevent from direct interconnects within the PTCL provided co-locations.

Transworld (with Orascom as one of its shareholders) is expected to take its bandwidth to Lahore around July 2007 when Mobilink (one of its partners) expects to light up their cross-country fiber capacities. Competition for higher-capacities of transit Internet would then spread out of Karachi and across all major cities.

Less than a year since it launched its commercial operations in Pakistan in July 2006, Transworld Associates (TW)  has signed up a number of bigger transit Internet accounts of PTCL. TW vows to remain 20% to 25% cheaper than PTCL at all times. For bulk customers, this could mean a lot of saving and more switch-overs are expected until PTCL reacts correctly by lowering bases costs and dropping prices for the customers – essentially acting more professionally.

Transworld primarily uses metro dark fiber (leased from Worldcall Limited) to deliver its bulk bandwidth. One of the customers of Transworld has also deployed the revolutionary Dragonwave wireless Ethernet product range for the last mile.

In other un-related PTCL news, Haji Khan Bhatti who claims to represent PTCL non-officer grade employees, managed to get Sindh High Court pass restraining orders against transfer of PTCL ownership to Etisalat.