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Government & Regulations

Pakistan Telecomm Authority

Pakistan Government

Incumbent and other statuary bodies dealing with Telecomm





Cellular GSM





Cellular TDMA



Cellular CDMA


Cellular Limited Mobility






Essential Tariffs & Market Indicators

2 MB Transit Internet



5 Responses to “Resources”

  1. AD Says:

    Also add PakDatacom in the list of PTCL, SCO, NTC…

  2. wasim Says:

    E1 rate is $1000

  3. Saba Hamid Says:

    AOA Sir!
    Iwould like you to comment on Brand equity in Telecom Sector.

  4. awais Says:

    u are 2 cool buddy i m also 2 cool u know y coz i m a disco dancer i m alone in the world hahah

  5. mohsin shah Says:

    Survey on Wateen’s Telephony
    Note: This survey is being conducted from the employees of M/s Wateen Telecom Pvt. Ltd. regarding the sale of the services provided on fixed line IP telephony by the said organization. Therefore, our aim is to obtain the requisite information to improve our services and offerings, what we can offer additionally.
    Department :

    Choose an option that closely represents your opinion about our product and services.It is very important for us to learn your opinions.Thank you very much for your time and support.We welcome feedback on the services we provide and will use consructive comments to improve our procedure and practice wherever possible.

    Q:1 Are you aware of the technology used in voice services provided by Wateen.
    Yes No

    Q:2 Are you a user of IP telephone?
    Yes No

    Q:3 Are you a user of WiMAX?
    Yes No

    Q:4 If Yes, do you use voice services being provided?
    Yes No
    (If yes proceed to Q:6)

    Q:5 If No, why?
    High initial cost of ATA(Analog Telephony Adapter) device
    Do not like to pay line rent
    Unaware of the prices
    Unaware of value added features
    Not satisfied with the voice quality
    Do not want an extra phone.

    Q:6 If Yes, how long you are using Wateen’s telephony?
    1-3 months
    3-6 months
    6-12 months
    1 year or above

    Q:7 How do you grade the voice quality?
    Below average

    Q:8 How are you being provided, telephony services?
    Dedicated lease line
    Point to point links
    Fiber optics/HFC

    Q:9 How do you grade the signaling reception?
    Below average

    Q:10 Is the price of telephony competitive with reference to other operators?
    Yes No

    Q:11 Are you satisfied with the services provided by the Wateen’s telephony?
    Yes No

    Q:12 (If No)
    Not satisfied with the pricing
    Doesn’t fulfill the value for money
    Not interested in number shifting
    Need customized services

    Q:13 How many times you call per day?
    1-3 times
    3-10 times
    10-20 times
    More than 20

    Q:14 What is your average talk time per day?
    1-15 minutes
    15-30 minutes
    30-60 minutes
    More than 60 minutes

    Q15: When you make the last call from IP telephony?
    1 day back
    3 days back
    A week back

    Q:16 What do you prefer to use to make long distance/international calls?
    Wateen Telephony

    Q:17 What value added features do you use of Wateen telephony?
    Caller ID
    Call transfer
    Call waiting

    Q:18 What else do you needed to be offered?
    Three way calling
    Free number portability
    Follow me transfer
    Multiple call appearances

    Q:19 Are you satisfied by the marketing campaign being carried out by Wateen regarding the sale of voice services?
    Yes No

    Q:20 What do you think is the best possible way to market Wateen’s Telephony?
    Visiting Schools college’s universities to create awareness about their product by conducting seminars to attract youth.
    By making Display centers at different busy locations.
    By distributing brochures with complete information about the product
    Sponsoring different events and letting the potential customers use the services for free, to test the product.

    Q:21 Why the sale is not up to the mark?
    Lack of customer awareness
    Lack of know how of the features/services and benefits
    Regulatory uncertainty
    Uncertain future investments

    Q:22 Your opinion about,Lack of customer awareness is due to?
    Poor pre launch advertisement
    IP telephony value added features are not highlighted
    Not going to schools college’s universities to create awareness about their product by conducting seminars to attract youth.
    Don’t have display centers in super markets, shopping plazas, malls.
    All of above

    Q23: You opinoin about convienience of IP telephony?
    Easily available anywhere
    Available to anyone
    Easy handling
    User friendly

    Q24: Problems about quality of IP telephony?
    Poor voice quality
    Loss of packets
    Time taken to connect

    Q25: Drawbacks and obstacles to further growth in the market?
    Problems with the QOS and reliability
    Best effort
    Resistance by incumbents
    Regulatory uncertainty

    Q26: How we promote our IP telephony?
    Seminars and workshops should be conducted atleast once in a quarter
    Advertisement of achievement in Print media
    Publicity for Turn-key solutions
    Product broucher
    Monthly newsletters

    Kindly give your suggestions if any, to improve/ enhance the sales of the services being provided.

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