Wateen Competition in Catchup Frenzy

The recent launch of Wateen‘s Wimax in Pakistan has put its wireless competition in a catchup frenzy. Reports coming from a number of vendors indicate extensive, short notice meetings that are taking place between providers and vendors and very mature decisions levels. Vendors, who had been chasing the providers for their Wimax platforms but faced an undecided response for quite some time now, are finding the new found sense-of-urgency pleasantly surprising. For them, Wateen’s advances on the Wimax front that attracted both local and international applause appears to have shook the sleeping providers from their deep slumber and procrastination.


4 Responses to “Wateen Competition in Catchup Frenzy”

  1. linkdotnet Says:

    I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “internet disconnection issues”. The connection session automatically expires after every two minutes. So after reading comments about Wateen telecom, I will switch to Wateen telecom. I hope they will provide high speed with no disconnection issues that Link Dot Net has.

    Anyways, I have written a blog post where I have shared my thoughts about poor services by Link Dot Net. You can read this blog at http://linkdotnet.wordpress.com/2008/04/26/link-dot-net-linknet-disconnection-problems/

    Thanks for your attention.

  2. Adil Suleman Says:

    I have been using LDN DSL and SMS4NET service by the same company (With Mobilink) for a long time now – I am one of the early adopters – And I am very much satisfied with it. DSL is my main connection (1 mb) and SMS4NET is for any grey days or whenever I need internet and DSL isn’t available. I don’t have to go and buy those scratch cards anymore…I just send an sms on my MOBILINK connection with 50 for 25 internet hours and get login information and can use the internet hours anytime, aywhere!!!
    Everyone should try this cool service and remember that dial-up is still the primary mode of connection for most internet users in our country!!

  3. Jeddy Says:

    I am not really what Wimax is – my only concern is if by switching to your service is there any assurance that I willl not get such message ‘Access Denied by Service Provider’. If this does appear then there is really no point in switching to Wateen’s service.

  4. hp printer cartridges Says:

    i use this service i think it is great like other dsl.

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