Food is the new Oil

In a world where oil is the new gold and food is the new oil, Shaikh Nahyan of Abu Dhabi group who has recently received the ‘Largest foreign investor of Pakistan’ award from the privatization ministry of Pakistan is now eying the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Here is what he had to say about opportunity in the agriculture sector in Pakistan.

Addressing the forum, Shaikh Nahyan said agriculture is crucial to Pakistan’s economic prosperity. “Investment opportunities in agriculture sector are attractive. I encourage all potential investors to take a long-term view of Pakistan’s economy as one of the emerging markets of the world — a market where astute investors should want to establish and sustain a long-term presence.”

p.s: My grocery store bill just nodded in agreement with the Shaikh when the price of a 5 kg rice bag took a straight jump of Rs 100 from Rs 375 to Rs 475.


3 Responses to “Food is the new Oil”

  1. Food is the new Oil | Tea Break Says:

    […] eying the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Here is what he had to say about […] Read more at: Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Tagged as: abu dhabi group, agriculture sector, astute investors, cup of tea, economic […]

  2. Winner from PrivateMarriage Says:

    yep, all the pakistani stores in US have also doubled the prices for rice, oil and spices – its effectiong world wide i think.

  3. Shakeel.Bhurchh Says:

    East India company came to subcontinent and we are still paying the price of that.
    Lads this globalisation and multinational investers are mother of East India company They will use our resources water, manpower but will take all food profit out.

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