Prepaid Voucher Alert

An acquaintance of mine who runs a shop in a busy, middle-class business district and sells a host of telecommunication services (PCO, pre-paid cards for cellular, WLL and Internet services) told me how he was robbed of a few thousand rupees recently by someone who bought a good number of Rs 300 prepaid cellular service vouchers from him only to return the same within 30 minutes for some compelling reason.

This friend of mine trusted the guy and gave him the money back. Later in the day, when some other customers bought those cards, it was revealed that the cards were already consumed up and my friend ended up loosing his hard earned money.

Apparently this means that some sort of reading means have been discovered by the ever creative community of ours (of course the creativity seems to work in the negative direction) which can read the codes of concealed voucher codes. It seems intelligent now either not to purchase any high value pre-paid cards or limit the purchases from a place where you have some affinity.

An obvious second choice now seems to be the balance transfer facility (affectionately called ‘easyload’) from the cell phone shops mushroomed in every corner of the city. However, as reported earlier, there are problems with these easyload shopping that includes profiles of women who come for getting the balance loaded in their cell phones being ‘sold’ to the degenerated, mastee-obsessed ‘youth’ by these easyload shop keepers. Talk about ‘value added services’.


5 Responses to “Prepaid Voucher Alert”

  1. Prepaid Voucher Alert | Tea Break Says:

    […] by someone who bought a good number of Rs 300 prepaid cellular service […] Read more at: Tee Emm on Pakistan Next Gen Issues Tagged as: affinity, balance transfer, business district, class business, creative […]

  2. dehog Says:

    I’d recommend that you get these easyload thingy from a franchise, which is much a safer place for cellular credit transfer.

  3. Saad Ibrahim Says:

    you can reveal the code by removing the lamination

  4. Salome Khan Says:

    this has been accomplished in the past as well, with internet cards such as those of WOL and Cybernet, so not even ISPs are totally immune from this fraudulent activity. but yes, sticking to an authorized dealer or franchise is the best option.

  5. make instant money Says:

    Hello Guru, what entice you to post such a revealing article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject since last Thursday.

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